It is crucial to hire the right tiling company for your bathroom tiling
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It is crucial to hire the right tiling company for your bathroom tiling

You will need the services of a tiling company in UK if you are re-flooring or re-walling your floors and walls. These two are major components of a home so you have to do them carefully by picking up the right flooring materials. 

You have a huge choice of tiles in the market and each is specific to certain environment and requirements.  If you are highly resourced and won’t hesitate to spend money in plenty then you can opt for strong, durable and classy natural tiles such as marble, granite, onyx, glass or cork tiles.

You can also add mosaic tiles if you want to have an aesthetically pleasing floor or wall.   A tile installer will suggest you the right choice if you approach them and you could follow their advice and buy tiling materials accordingly.

How to choose the right installer?

 It is easier that choosing tiles. You will find a number of tiling companies on the internet and spending some time with them will reveal you the right source.  Thanks to the internet you will be able to visit several such websites from your home at leisure and compare quality and price.

The flooring companies when contacted directly after having a look at their website will be the right idea. The comparison you make with other sites will put you in a position of strength and accordingly negotiate the prices and labour.

You could also pay visits to referrals and check how the installer has done the project. Flooring is an important component of the house that occupies most space and also bears the load of foot traffic that is constant.

Check warranty & Portfolio

Whatever flooring material you choose make sure that you get the appropriate warranty so tiles can be repaired or replaced in case of early breakage or damage due to installer’ work technique or chosen material. Check the installer’s portfolio for good measure and also read reviews of the company’s performance. Consider word of mouth publicity and actual sighting.

Choose bathroom tiles intelligently

Bathroom tiles come in different materials, shades, and quality. Some of the options would include marble, porcelain, glass, vinyl, granite and ceramic. All these are durable tiles that are good to look at and functional.

If you have the money to afford you can opt for marble, glass etc or settle for cheaper materials like ceramic, vinyl etc. Marble can be slippery when wet and glass tiles though fancy can be costly to replace.

Make sure bathroom tiles you choose are leak proof, water resistant and easy to drain water. It should not be slippery must have property sealed grout lines for better grip.

Bathroom floor is a crucial component in the makeup of a bathroom and any compromise on quality and character could end with disastrous results.

Bathrooms are used constantly in a family thus could be eternally wet if not drained properly. It is important to install waterproof and moisture resistant

Pros and cons to look for while choosing bathroom tiling

bathroom tiles London to have a stable and strong floor which is anti-skid. You have to consider the following before choosing your bathroom flooring:

Ceramic is cheaper and durable option

Consider buying ceramic or porcelain tiles for bathroom because they meet all the qualities that you primarily look in bathroom tiles. Both are extremely durable tiles and you can buy them in vast numbers of colors and shades.

You can also buy them in both small and large formats depending on your pool requirements. Porcelain is shade costlier than ceramic but it makes that up with its fine surface, durability and longevity. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and it does not attract algae, fungi or other microorganisms that could cause the growth of algae and associated allergies.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles come in different shapes and sizes and you can either choose standard size tiles that measure 1 square foot. This size can fit in to any space as lesser sizes are also available for installation. Vitrified tiles are now in vogue and they come in both large and small sizes.

Choose the right size for flawless installation

Larger format measure 600 x 1200 mm, regular vitrified tiles measure 600 x 600, 145 x 600 mm and smaller vitrified tiles measure just 300 x 300mm. whichever tiles or sizes you choose you should consult a tiling contractor with experience and high reputation.

These are both expensive and inexpensive tile choices that you can choose according to your budget. If you are a person of high resources you can always go for the costly flooring option of installing marble or granite, glass or cork tiles.

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