Internet Video Ads: Engaging Audiences and Boosting ROI
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Internet Video Ads: Engaging Audiences and Boosting ROI

The rise of social media and video marketing has made videos a valuable tool for businesses today. For the same reason, businesses nowadays confidently invest in internet video ads. Moreover, they often partner with the best commercial video production services to create video adverts. Internet video ads not only help businesses engage their audience with ads but also get higher ROIs (Return on Investment).

In this post, we are going to have a look at how internet video adverts engage audiences and boost ROI. 

Why Video Ads?

Before we dive into our main topic, we want you to understand why businesses invest in paid video adverts. Today, internet users are watching video content more than ever before. For the same reason, 83% of marketers claim video content helps them win leads. Video adverts not only come with numerous advantages, which we shall tell you about shortly. But also provide businesses with a competitive advantage over competitors who do not use them.

Moreover, including video ads in your marketing efforts can help your business better connect with the audience. Most importantly, they can help your business increase sales and eventually get a higher ROI.

Furthermore, you can show commercial videos to users on the internet faster than educational videos. In addition, they are more accessible and cost-effective for brands. Based on what we have mentioned earlier you can realize why brands invest in video adverts. 

Benefits of Internet Video Adverts to Engage Audiences

Video adverts, especially in the animated formats, engage audiences. Moreover, the following are different ways these ads benefit businesses while engaging their target audiences:

1. High Shareability

You may hear stories about videos of people going viral on TikTok. However, you may have no clue: Why do those videos go viral? We shall tell you: Why?

Videos, such as TikTok videos, on the internet, go viral because of their interesting content. Moreover, it is natural for someone to share content they find interesting. By the same token, engaging video ads not only engage viewers but also have high shareability.

Furthermore, we want you to know you will find 76% of marketing videos on social media. Commercials or video ads are no different in this regard. In addition, it is likely for customers to share your video advert among their circles if they like it.

However, it is important that you come up with a video advert for your brand that is entertaining and informative. If you do, it won’t only engage your viewers but also encourage them to share it with others.    

2. Massive Reach

On YouTube, viewers view 1 billion hours of content daily. By the same token, posting your video adverts on YouTube can help you reach a wider audience. At the same time, it is important that your video adverts have the power to engage the audience. Otherwise, no one is going to watch your ads.

Furthermore, YouTube is not the only platform that is benefitting from video advertising. Other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., are also benefitting from it.

In addition, the key to engaging your audience via your commercial videos is that you make relevant and attention-grabbing ads. One of the excellent strategies you have in this regard is that you make animated video ads.

Moreover, you can partner with one of the top commercial video production services in the USA to create video adverts. It will ensure you create ads that not only capture viewers’ attention but also help you reach a wider audience.

3. Mobile-friendly

Throughout the world, there are 6.92 billion smartphone users. In addition, desktop and tablet users only generate 39.34% of traffic on the internet. For the same reason, all marketers should optimize their video marketing strategies for mobiles.

Besides, mobile advertising is the most effective type of digital advertising. Businesses can invest in video ad strategies to reach audiences on smartphones. Again, it is imperative that video adverts that businesses create have the power to engage audiences and are mobile-friendly.

Otherwise, businesses are not going to capitalize on their video advertising strategies for mobiles.

Benefits of Internet Video Ads to Boost ROI

The following are the benefits of video adverts that help businesses boost their ROIs:

1. Improved Conversions

If you are investing in video ads, you will likely want your adverts to yield you a good return. As an example, you may prioritize winning leads and eventually conversions. Well-crafted video adverts can certainly help you in this regard because most buyers buy products after watching videos about them.

Besides, video advertising is an effective strategy to increase sales and win conversions. However, it is imperative you invest in the right types of video ads to win leads and conversions. Video ads that are between 30 to 60 seconds are effective and can help you drive more sales. Therefore, make sure you smartly invest in video adverts to get leads and conversions in return.

2. Higher Returns

Marketers confidently invest in video content, such as video adverts. They do that because well-created internet video ads help businesses get higher returns on their investments in various ways. As an example, these ads help businesses improve brand awareness, capture leads, and most importantly, drive sales. By the same token, you see many brands investing in video adverts to capitalize on their investments.

Furthermore, different types of video adverts help brands yield higher returns in different ways. For example, pre-roll video adverts are highly effective for increasing brand awareness. Further, paid video adverts are great for getting your business in front of customers and driving website traffic. As video adverts can effectively educate prospects about products and services, brands confidently invest in them.    

3.  Credibility Building

Video advertising campaigns prove very effective for brands to win customers’ trust and build credibility. Besides, credibility building is important for brands to encourage customers to buy their products and services. Otherwise, customers will abandon brands when they do not find them trustworthy.

Furthermore, video adverts via visuals can help you better showcase your brand. They can help your customers see the core details of your product, plus its size, color, and specifications.

Put differently, customers can get a better picture of your brand via video ads. For the same reason, you can confidently invest in video advertising to better showcase your brand. Besides, it is going to help your brand build credibility in return.

Furthermore, some of the video ads are great for educating customers to win their trust and help brands win credibility. As an example, explainer videos or product demo ads are excellent video ads for educating customers.

Different Types of Internet Video Ads

There are different types of video adverts that you can create to engage the audience and get a higher ROI. We have mentioned below the most effective types of them below:

  • YouTube ads, such as in-stream ads.
  • Instagram and Facebook video ads, like carousel ads.
  • Stories ads.
  • Connected TV (CTV) ads.
  • Explainer video ads.



Internet video adverts that the best commercial video production services specialize in creating help brands in many ways. These ads cannot only engage viewers but help brands get higher ROIs, provided that they create them well. Moreover, YouTube, CTV, and explainer video ads are some of the most effective types of video ads. Lastly, you may also create internet video adverts to attract prospective buyers and help your brand get a higher ROI.

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