Case vs. JCB: Uncovering Heavy Machinery Price Ranges
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Case vs. JCB: Uncovering Heavy Machinery Price Ranges

Regarding heavy machinery projects in India, the Case machine and JCB machine prices are critical in the infrastructure industry. These two brands are well-known for their reliability and quality.

Case machines are well-known for their versatility and durability, making them an excellent choice. On the other hand, JCB machines are quite popular in the Indian markets and offer a wide range of suitable solutions.

Both models provide high-quality equipment, but it is crucial to compare pricing to make a more informed decision based on your personal needs or budget.


The CASE CX 220C LC is designed with industry-leading specs, increasing work efficiency. The Excavator model from CASE is one of the best construction equipment for heavy loading activities.

You can get the CASE machine price in India and all of its features right here.

Its engine has a maximum torque of 132 mm and a horsepower rating 157. This engine also adds a new dimension to work production. Its operational weight is 22220 kg. CASE’s operating weight increases its efficiency in difficult building projects.

The hydraulic system of this machine is rated at 2 Lpm. The ability of this model to reach a total height of 6650MM allows for the greatest digging depth.


The JCB 4DX is a well-known backhoe loader that can move big loads such as rocks, boulders, dirt, or gravel.
This JCB machine price in India is reasonable, considering the variety of functions it provides. The model with its 1000 kg of operating weight ensures speed balance while hauling heavy loads. Furthermore, its 8000 Kg lifting capacity aids in the transfer of any huge industrial items.

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