Beyond the Shadows: Unmasking Chris Morkides
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Beyond the Shadows: Unmasking Chris Morkides

The Enigmatic Alex Johns Chronicles

In the realm of mystery and crime fiction, Chris Morkides stands as a unique luminary, a seasoned author whose rich tapestry of experiences informs his captivating narratives. With an illustrious career spanning 44 years as a professional writer and 14 years dedicated to mental health counseling, Morkides brings an unparalleled blend of expertise and passion to his debut series, the enthralling Alex Johns saga.

A Literary Journey of Distinction

Morkides’ journey into fiction is not a mere transition; it’s a harmonious convergence of his profound understanding of the human psyche and his literary prowess. As a mental health counselor, he has delved into the complexities of the human experience, a skill that seamlessly translates into the nuanced characters that populate his novels.

The Alex Johns series, comprising “Trust Me” and “Good Intentions,” introduces readers to a Philadelphia psychologist, Alex Johns, whose commitment to his profession takes a riveting turn when the lives of his loved ones are threatened. In the throes of crime and mystery, Alex transforms into an amateur detective, navigating a world where the line between the personal and the professional becomes blurred.

A Philadelphia Sports Enthusiast

Beyond the realm of counseling and writing, Morkides is a fervent Philadelphia sports fan of over 50 years. He intimately understands the emotions tied to unwavering loyalty to a team—the jubilant highs and the heart-wrenching lows. This passion infuses his storytelling with authenticity, resonating with readers who appreciate narratives rooted in genuine emotion and experience.

Family Values at the Core

While Morkides’ professional achievements are noteworthy, what truly defines him is his dedication to family. Married to Alisa for 21 years and a proud father to a 20-year-old daughter, Kina, family values permeate every facet of his identity. This personal connection serves as a wellspring of warmth and relatability in his writing, endearing his characters to readers as they mirror the bonds and dynamics familiar to us all.

Debut Novels: “Trust Me” and “Good Intentions”

“Trust Me” and “Good Intentions” serve as the inception of Morkides’ foray into novel writing. These books introduce readers to the complexities of Alex Johns’ world—a psychologist turned amateur detective facing a web of crime and mystery. Morkides’ storytelling prowess shines through as he intricately weaves together suspense, drama, and emotional depth, creating a literary experience that captivates and resonates.

For mystery enthusiasts and those who appreciate the human experience brought vividly to life on the written page, Chris Morkides’ Alex Johns series is a literary journey not to be missed.

About the Author: Chris Morkides

Chris Morkides is more than an author; he is a storyteller with a depth of experience that breathes life into his narratives. With a career spanning over four decades, his passion for literature is complemented by a profound understanding of the human psyche gained through his mental health counseling. As a devoted Philadelphia sports fan and a family man, Morkides infuses authenticity, warmth, and relatability into his novels. The Alex Johns series, comprising “Trust Me” and “Good Intentions,” marks his debut as a novelist and promises to captivate readers with its blend of mystery, crime, and psychological depth.

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About the Author

CHRIS MORKIDES is an author, mental health counselor, and seasoned writer with a career spanning over four decades. His passion for literature, combined with his extensive experience in mental health counseling, enriches his storytelling with a profound understanding of the human psyche. As a devoted Philadelphia sports fan and a family-oriented individual, Morkides brings authenticity, warmth, and relatability to his novels. “Trust Me” and “Good Intentions,” the first installments of the Alex Johns series, mark his debut as a novelist, promising to captivate readers with their fusion of mystery, crime, and psychological depth.

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