7 Best Animated Product Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Video
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7 Best Animated Product Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Video

In contrast to what we read, what we see is mostly by our psyches. Furthermore, that is precisely the opportunity that your digital advertising strategy should use. There are so many different methods to convey and develop ideas, and different organizations use different approaches and practices.

The popularity of animated video content has grown recently.

As a result, some of the most well-known businesses in the world use animated videos to help their customers understand the product in a way that encourages purchases. However, these videos are engaging and compelling, creating a sense of intrigue and surprise among viewers.

Did you know that the vast majority of customers would rather watch a video to learn more about a product or service?

This figure is sufficient to highlight the significance of video advertising. However, if you’re actually checking the right boxes with regard to video production and distribution, you can benefit fully from it. It would be nice to get ideas from the product videos of well-known firms if you are new to them. Here are a few of the best item video models that will hypnotize you and inspire some creative item video ideas.

Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel is a feature-rich smartphone that the company has produced in huge quantities. Despite this, the Pixel 4 was a popular addition to the lineup last year. The Google Pixel 4’s item video raised the standard with its use of video lifelines. It sticks out from the crowd because of its bright tones and innovative artwork. The film is also eye-catching, educational, and engaging; it genuinely examines all of the containers to properly introduce the brand-new Google Pixel 4 to the market. A design is on par with Google’s reputation. The movie makes adequate sense of the new Google phone’s cutting-edge design and slick features.

Canon Printers

We all understand that office equipment like printers and fax machines are true legends in the working world. The area that Ordinance dominates is this one. Ordinance, a major player in the office hardware industry, keeps its product line up to date with high-quality office accessories. However, their preferred tool for attracting and establishing a connection with their customers is the animated item demo. The use of 3D lifelikeness helps Ordinance once again show off its capacity to look out. To enticingly highlight or explain the object, the film tells a simple yet effective tale. Moreover, it keeps the observers confined. Higher review esteem is ensured by the persistent impact of engaging pictures.

Adidas – Run For the Oceans

Shoes by Adidas Ultra boost Convention outperform in terms of comfort and style while also improving the environment. These Adidas sneakers prevent the entry of 11 plastic containers into the ocean. Furthermore, this message plays a significant role in their marketing campaign. Moreover, Adidas has made the connection between shoes and plastic containers clear using cool vibrancy, music, and images. However, the film focuses on the climate and sends a powerful message rather than showing the highlights. Additionally, it begins with people jogging while wearing shoes and ends with the words “Run for the Seas,” which directly addresses the audience and gives them a clear idea of the product.


Apple’s iPhone doesn’t require an introduction. It is a hair-raising product from an absurdly successful company. However, if you follow Apple’s marketing approach, you’ll see that they have the greatest way of explaining and presenting their products. Recently, they underlined their most current selection of mobile phones, which was explained in a unique item demo. Moreover, their primary idea for product demo recordings is to combine remarkable quality with simplicity to achieve a substantial entry into the market, with an important focus on education and mindfulness. Additionally, the in-video-text ensures that customers can read the conclusions and understand the product.

Pella Lifestyle

Pella, a leading manufacturer of windows and doors in the US, has always had success with its marketing initiatives. However, their way of life series contained far more recognition than was required.  The addition of animated product descriptions makes it all possible. By keeping them in mind for records of electrified goods, they succeeded in passing the test of exhibiting their genuine items. However, the animated item video effectively connected with the clients and engaged them in a meaningful conversation that led to change. It combined 3D animations with a 2D environment.


The attractiveness of this design may really be killed if the liveliness is overdone. Balance is crucial in this regard. Duolingo has created another 2D animated film that sticks to the basic narrative and makes things clearer. Moreover, the film is quite simple, yet it effectively conveys the product’s goals and ideals. The portrayal keeps the viewer engaged in the video, and the symbols deftly explain everything. This brand-new Duolingo video demonstrates an important technique for turning simplicity into profit. The video clarifies the item’s viability.

Matrix Care

Matrix Care is a conscientious neighborhood that focuses on assembling a reliable group of patients. However, they aim to strengthen the relationship between patients and specialists. This advertisement conceptualizes their response in an intriguing and clear way. For those who are unfamiliar with the company and its products, the advertisement does an amazing job of explaining the arrangement and why someone would choose it. It’s a great example of using a straightforward and basic activity to drive awareness.

What is the need to invest in Animated Videos Productions?

It is necessary to make your game strong and effective in the current marketing landscape. And for this, you need some exceptional digital marketing techniques. Adopting the best styles and promotional strategies will not only attract your customers but also bring the desired number of sales for your business. One must never stop working hard in adopting and adapting to newer and better digital marketing strategies. Surely, animated video production is one of the leading strategies in today’s digital landscape.

Final Words

It is crucial to always take inspiration from top brands before creating your own animated product video. Hire an expert or get the task done by yourself. Either way, ensure that quality or quality is top-notch. All the best!

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