When To Seek Dental Emergency
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When To Seek Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can come suddenly causing extreme discomfort, pain and selling. This can further lead to more serious issues if left untreated. But what are dental emergencies all about? Where to find a 24-hour emergency dentist in case such pain arises in the middle of the night?

Well, before that, you need to understand the major difference between a common dental problem and a genuine emergency.

Typically, if you have a standard problem of teeth or gum, you can still wait until morning but emergency cases can be a threat to your health. Here are some of the most common dental health emergencies that urgently need your attention. To treat any of these immediate care needs, every emergency dentist Los Angeles is available 24 hours.

Common Dental Health Emergencies 

#1. Sudden Toothache 

Toothaches should never be taken as a trivial issue. This painful nuisance indicates an abnormality in your mouth. If you experience unexplainable toothache suddenly, take the help of emergency dental care from the 24-hour emergency dentist. It is only the qualified professional who can diagnose and help you treat the dental issue.

However, you can try out the following tips to manage your tooth pain before seeing a dentist.

  • Use saltwater to wash your mouth 
  • Apply some cold compress 
  • Take over-the-counter medication to relieve your immediate discomfort 

#2. Swollen or Gum Bleeding 

Even though you may experience gum irritation occasionally, which of course, does not need an emergency dentist, swelling and pain can be an indication of an underlying dental issue.

If there is no obvious cause for gum bleeding, see an emergency dentist for proper care.

#3. Swollen Mouth or Jaw 

When you notice sudden swelling in your jaw or mouth with no apparent cause, visit an emergency dentist 24/7 to treat your oral issue immediately. In most cases, the swelling happens due to some kind of mouth infection or lymph node irritation. Whatever factor you may have, the right dental care professional will provide you with the best treatment.

#4. Tooth Knock-Out 

When your tooth suddenly knocks out of your mouth, it’s time for you to take immediate action. It is also possible that your dentist can reinsert your tooth and preserve it by taking emergency action.

#5. Broken Crown 

In case your dental crown falls or breaks, schedule a dental emergency visit. Crown breakage exposes your tooth and makes it vulnerable to some kind of infection and damage. An emergency visit to the dentist’s office will help you replace the dental crown and avoid extraction or any other serious dental procedure.

#6. Missed filling 

Missing a dental filling calls for a dental emergency. This is because the potentiality of tooth chipping or breakage increases without the right reinforcement. It might even expose your tooth nerves and cause more damage. So, call for a 24 hour emergency dentist right away.

#7. Dental Infections 

Infections in teeth can give you a tough time if you don’t go to a dentist’s office for treatment. At first, you may experience occasional discomfort but the underlying issue can multiply. As a result, you can see discomfort while eating, a swollen jaw or face and a high fever.  Serious infection can even lead to abscesses. 

So, it is better to take care of your dental health and never ignore these dental emergencies.

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