What to wear with a faux jacket

In the autumn-spring period or with the onset of summer, and even in winter, a women’s faux jacket appears in its variety in the wardrobe of fashionistas. You can look stylish with simple things, chosen correctly and tastefully for each specific occasion. Leatherettes, or leatherettes for short, today are not much inferior in quality to natural leather, and they are much cheaper.

Properties of leatherette

  1. The material does not have an unpleasant odor.
  2. Does not cause allergic reactions.
  3. High throughput: the material breathes, so it does not crack in the heat and does not become oak in the cold.
  4. A rich palette of shades: from classic white and black to lilac and lingonberry.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Easy to care for products.

There are a lot of advantages of the material, and as a result – the high popularity of faux jackets.

Tips for choosing and purchasing

A women’s faux jacket will help you realize an incredible number of stylish looks. These items are a great addition to any wardrobe.

  • Taking into account the characteristics of your physique is mandatory: the jacket should not be too loose or, on the contrary, too tight on the waist.
  • High-quality fittings are a sure sign of a worthy product.

Women’s faux jackets can be easily combined with existing clothes. It’s easy to be different!

Features of the model range

Leatherette is a fabric that can be easily processed, so there are many styles.

  • The type of leather jacket is reminiscent of the clothes of rocker bands. External distinctive features are an asymmetrical zipper, slanted floors of the product and metal decor.
  • Leatherette bomber is a shortened jacket with a wide cut. The area of ​​the cuffs and the bottom of the product is decorated with elastic. The collar is turn-down. Patch pockets are used as decorative elements.
  • In the style of motorcyclists – a semi-fitting jacket. The product belongs to the clothing of the biker subculture. Distinctive characteristics are the protective elements in those areas where injury is possible.
  • Jacket – the product has a fitted style, length – up to the waistline, slit pockets and a turn-down collar.
  • Winter jackets made of leatherette are equipped with insulation. The decorative element is a hood or fur inserts. Various lengths are possible: from classic to elongated models.
  • Demi-season option – the product can be with or without insulation. Various decor: embroidery, rhinestones, lace and sequins.

What to wear with a leatherette jacket

  • In casual style. Faux leather jacket, fitted, can be chosen in the form of a jacket, the color of the product is mint, there is no collar, the length is up to the waist, an elongated top with a semicircular bottom, white, blue jeans, torn ones are suitable, lace-up boots, with tractor soles. Shoulder bag.
  • For a romantic outfit you will need a bomber jacket in white or milky tones, a blouse made of delicate chiffon in a peach palette, decorated with a pattern in the form of petals, trousers in a bronze shade, skinny, ballet shoes and a backpack decorated with rhinestones. You can add a light small scarf with an original print to the neck area and a flirty scent.
  • Such jackets are easy to combine with dresses: a jacket to the waistline, black, with a turn-down fur collar, fitted, a white pencil-type dress, the length of the product to the middle of the shin, black ankle boots with a wide top, with heels or wedges. A bag in the shape of a briefcase.
  • For a feminine look, you will need a small flower skirt to the ankle line, decorated with flounces, a top with wide straps, a leatherette biker jacket to the waistline and ballet shoes. A pendant in the shape of a drop will add charm.
  • A rocker-style jacket will go well with a set of a loose, long olive-colored shirt, a white top and black skinny trousers. Flat boots with laces and studs will add a special touch to your look.

Monochrome option

  • black jacket with a semicircular neckline, decorated with decorative buttons along the sleeve line and in the fastening area, black eco-leather skirt in the shape of a half-sun, midi length, graphite-colored sweatshirt. Complete the look with heeled ankle boots, a small black bag, sunglasses and a hat.
  • Long winter models of leatherette jackets harmonize well with trousers and jeans. Jacket just above the knees, fitted, with a belt and fur collar, color – bronze, coffee-colored trousers, chocolate-colored UGG boots, a sweater or turtleneck in a gray version, a bag to match the shoes. A stocking cap or snood will complete the combination.
  • Blue bomber jacket, eco-leather pencil skirt, blue shirt, lilac platform ankle boots, clutch to match the shoes.
  • For an evening event, you can go in a floor-length lilac dress, 3/4 sleeves, a short jacket made of mustard-colored leatherette, platform shoes, and take with you a clutch decorated with spikes.

City style

  • three-quarter café-au-lait trousers, a short-sleeve top in a milky shade, loose fit, wedge sandals with an original weave along the leg, a brown jacket with studs, length to the waistline, a burgundy tablet bag.
  • For a romantic date you will need a dress above the knee, a fitted top, a circle skirt at the bottom, the color of the product is powdery, a menthol-colored jacket, suede wedge shoes, and a small handbag.
  • You can go to the office in a dark blue pencil skirt, a flesh-colored shirt, brown shoes, or a jacket in a coffee shade. It is advisable to choose a bag in the shape of a chest.
  • An unusual and stylish solution would be a combination of short denim shorts, a top and a cropped jacket. Shoes – flat heels.
  • Another compromise can be considered a combination of a peach-colored openwork straight skirt, a champagne-colored top with a biker jacket and ankle boots.

Faux jackets are very popular because they have no restrictions on wearing them: for any occasion and for any event. Modern models allow you to wear any clothes with such a top. This can be an elongated turtleneck or capri dress, a skirt or a sundress. Fashion is constantly adding stylish solutions to any product, and a women’s leatherette jacket is no exception.


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