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Umrah Tawaf: The Symbolic Act of Worship and Circumambulation

Making trips around the Holy Kaaba during Umrah is called Tawaf. This is a mandatory ritual for all pilgrims who wish to successfully perform Umrah. This is a sacred ritual, and therefore, there are certain prerequisites and conditions associated with it. This blog explains how to perform Tawaf in Umrah, its importance and some dos and don’ts.

Tawaf Meaning

The word Tawaf is inferred from the Arabic word Tauf, which suggests going in a circle in Arabic. The literal meaning of Tawaf is “to go around” or “to surround something.” This is why the act of circling the Holy Kabbah seven times in a counterclockwise direction is called Tawaf.

What is Tawaf in Umrah and its importance?

Tawaf is one of the important religious rituals of Umrah through umrah packages 2023 Toronto as during the Jahiliyyah period, that is, before the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Arabs often performed Tawaf naked, considering it an ancestral ritual. They believe that clothes contain sin and let people trample on them. There are many legends explaining why Tawaf is performed. Scholars give many reasons regarding the importance of Tawaf and its process. One of the reasons pilgrims perform Tawaf in a circular direction is because it symbolizes their faith in the One and Only Allah Almighty.

While some consider each circumambulation of the Kaaba as a step towards the seventh heaven, others understand it as a surrender to Allah and a dedication to worship with one’s whole heart. One of the important contexts of the seven circumambulations is found in the account of Ibn ‘Abbas. It mentions that when Prophet Ibrahim left his wife Hagar and son Ismail in Mecca, they quickly ran out of food and water. In an effort to find water for her thirsty son, Hagar went to the hills of Safa and Marwa in search of water. This clarifies why circumambulating the Kaaba seven times is a vital custom of Umrah umrah packages 2023 Toronto and Hajj. 

Types of Tawaf

Although this blog is about Tawaf-al Umrah, here is a quick overview of the five types of Tawaf. Each of them is performed in a different way and meets a unique goal.

• Tawaf-al-Umra

• Tawaf-al-Ifada

• Tawaf-al-Qudoom (performed as part of Hajj-Al-Tamattu)

• Tawaf-al-Widaa (farewell to Tawaf, performed by people coming from outside miqats)

• Nafl Tawaf

Rules of Tawaf

When performing Tawaf, it is imperative to follow the rules below:

1. One must be in Wudu state during Tawaf.

2. Furthermore, it is important to perform Niyyah for Tawaf.

3. Pilgrims should start  Tawaf from the black stone.

4. Pilgrims must circle the holy Kabba seven times in a counterclockwise direction.

5. Pilgrims must perform the Witr prayer during Tawaf when leaving the circuit.

6. After the Witr prayer is offered, pilgrims should return to the Tawaf being performed.

7. Pilgrims should try kissing the black stone. If this is not possible because of the crowds, one can touch the stone and kiss the hand to ask for blessings.

8. Additionally, one can also point towards the black stone if one cannot reach the stone and say: “Allahu Akbar.”

9. It is strictly forbidden to talk too much, engage in worldly affairs or engage in any act that may invalidate the Tawaf.

10. Men should leave their right bear revealed amid Tawaf, known as Idtiba, as a sign of lowliness and accommodation.

How do I perform Tawaf during Umrah?

Tawaf is a basic and indispensable ritual to perform Umrah umrah packages 2023 from UK or Hajj, which involves circling the Kaaba seven times counterclockwise. It is a symbolic act of worship, signifying the unity of the Muslim community and submission to the will of Allah. It is important that you are familiar with the process of performing tawaf during Umrah.

A pilgrim performing Wudu

1. The first thing to do in Tawaf is to perform Wudu (ablution). Wazu can be performed within the premises of the Holy Kabbah or from where one is staying.

2. For Tawaf, the prescribed dress for all pilgrims is called Ihram. It must be clean and must cover your satar (parts of the body that must be secured agreeing to Islam). Ihram for men ought to consist of two unstitched white cloths wrapped around the body. At the same time, Ihram for women includes simple clothing covering satar and hijab (veil). Ladies are not permitted to cover their faces.

3. The pilgrim must then enter the Mataf, or the area where pilgrims perform Tawaf in Mecca; This is the area around Kabbah.

4. Pilgrims must perform Niyat (intention) before Hajre-Aswad, a black stone sent from heaven to Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) when he was building the Kabbah. It is located in the eastern corner of Kabbah.

5. After performing  Niyat, one must face Hajre-Aswad, recite Takbir (Allahu-Akbar) and kiss the stone.

6. He must then start walking counterclockwise around  Kabbah. An individual must complete seven rounds of walking in this manner.  Tawaf must be completed in one go  umrah packages 2023 Toronto and the pilgrim must not leave until all seven rounds have been completed.

7. After completing the seven rounds, the pilgrim should stand at Al-Masjid Al-Haram and pray two rakats.

8. After that, they must drink water from the Zamzam while reciting the dua.

The best time for Tawaf

There’s no best time for Tawaf indicated anyplace; be that as it may, there are a few proposed times that permit one to total the circumambulations in peace  umrah packages 2023 Toronto. This is often particularly around the dawn, a small after Zuhr’s prayer. Particularly in case you’re with senior citizens and children, typically the time when the warmth is endurable and the mataf is moderately less swarmed.

How much Tawaf should be performed during Umrah?

As a bachelor, Tawaf circled Kabbah seven times counterclockwise. Pilgrims are free to do as much Tawaf as they want before proceeding towards Sa’i (walking between  Safa and Marwa hills as an Umrah). It is accepted that an individual can perform Umrah umrah packages 2023 Toronto for the sake of another individual who has passed away or is currently absent from Mecca.

Things to avoid during Tawaf

During Tawaf in Makkah, certain things are considered Makruh (hate or insult) and should, therefore, be avoided. They are as follows:

1. Discussion of small and worldly matters is not allowed during Tawaf.

2. It is not permissible to trade in products, whether selling or buying, while one is performing Tawaf in Makkah.

3. If a person receives a phone call during his stay in Tawaf, he is obliged to receive and answer the phone call to that person. However, their conversation cannot contain earthly or trade-related topics as it can be considered  Makruh. You should turn off your phone during your stay in Tawaf.

4. Do not pray or read the Quran out loud, as this may disturb others who are performing Tawaf.

5. Do not wear impure clothes while performing Tawaf. Pilgrims must wear Ihram, which is a plain white garment (also unsealed for men) without any colour, perfume or deodorant.

6. It is not permissible to continue Tawaf while Namaz or Khutba (Preaching/Bayan) is taking place during Kabbah.

7.  Tawaf should not be performed when hungry or angry. Tawaf should be performed with a peaceful and quiet mind in remembrance of Allah.

Tawaf Umrah and Hajj are similar in many ways. Tawaf symbolizes solidarity and balance as individuals from all over the world gather in one place, regardless of their status. It emphasizes spending time worshiping Allah and developing into a new personality at the end of Hajj or Umrah.

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