The Role of Mentoring and Coaching in Career Development
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The Role of Mentoring and Coaching in Career Development

As per research, it has been stated that every organization should implement career development drives where an employee must be provided with apt mentoring and coaching. Such drives have become a need in this modern world as things are changing dynamically and one has to be competent in order to be resilient. Mentoring and Coaching is the key for a company towards enhanced productivity and greater market value.

We all know that it has become a dire need for learning technology to survive today. But not only technology, one has to be fluent in soft skills to fulfil the demands of the workplace. These soft skills are effective communication skills, management and leadership, and problem-solving skills among many others. In this fast-forward world, it has become very easy to Google such skills and try to adopt its features, but the learning that you get from a mentor or coach is nowhere to be found on the internet. So, you should opt for a mentorship. Now comes the most important thing that many people get confused about the meaning of mentor or coach. People usually mix these two terms but the truth is that these terms are slightly different from each other. Let us tell you how!

What is Mentoring and Coaching?

Mentoring and Coaching are two separate terms yet they are interconnected as they both have an objective to make a student acknowledge their potential and to guide them to work towards their goals. To make it simple for you, Mentoring is the practice where a mentor guides you towards wisdom, knowledge, happy tactics, communication skills, etc. On the other hand, coaching is a well-structured practice where you coach teaches you the particular area that you aim to improve. The process of coaching is particularly for a certain period of time but mentorship is a guiding elongated process.

Mentoring and Coaching both share some common features that work towards fostering a sense of knowledge in the learners but we can say that these both work with different approaches. One of the instances is that the mentor is more concentrated towards a relationship while coaching is more skill-centric. There are several advantages to a student, even a working professional that attains coaching. Nowadays, many mediums like e-learning platforms, virtual classrooms, etc. provide a great valuation towards mentorship. This can greatly impact career development. People are opting for mentorship as this provides a kick to their profession. Some of the edtech firms such as Jaro Education, Skillsoft, Udemy, Coursera are providing a good blend of mentoring and coaching. Let us first see how these modalities are impacting career development.

Outcomes of Effective Mentoring and Coaching

Whether you are just starting your career or looking to make a positive change in your profession, having a mentor or a coach will help you greatly. To attain your life goals, one must seek support, guidance, feedback, knowledge, and there should be no shame in doing so. Everyone wants to become successful in their profession, and mentorship or coaching can absolutely help them to succeed. So, if you are someone who is going to seek guidance, make sure that you emphasize on following written factors- 

  • Essential Life skills- Life skills are a must in today’s time. There are some skills such as making good decisions, communicating effectively, building great relationships, and many more. One of the key factors in career development is correct communication. Communicating well with your colleagues can work within your favor every time and also active listening. Further, if you are someone who is willing to learn such life-changing skills, then you can opt for coaching, as they use techniques which are really helping. The techniques include mirroring, paraphrasing, great listening, etc.
  • A network of professionals- Be a part of the community that strives to flourish like Jaro Education. If you are taking mentorship or even going for a coaching. You get to know people from different fields, sectors or industries. With the help of this vast network, you will be able to learn. New things, grow your knowledge and develop relations. Which will be helpful in your career development.
  • Academic Validation – There are certain platforms today which provide mentorship and coaching but most importantly, the academic validation. If you have your academic goals set in your mind and need a little assistance, then you should remember that asking for help is not bad. Edtech firms like Jaro education provide an understandable platform for all the learners where they can learn and achieve academic validation, as every good company asks for it today.
  • Self-discovery and capabilities– Now comes the self-discovery! Everything is a waste until and unless you discover the true self of yourself. Self-discovery is a kind of skill or it can be a trait where you acknowledge your potential and willingness towards your life. One should always remember to recognize the problem about themselves and find their solutions. If you are someone who is willing to take mentorship, then you’ll be able to gain confidence in your decisions. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses through self-discovery.
  • Maintain a positive relationship – Positive mindset is what you want to have! Even in your workplace or with any friend, having a good relationship is very important. One should learn the sense of belonging, empathy, kindness, etc. Keeping trust and faith is a key to maintaining a great relationship with your colleagues and boosting your career. So, try to foster a sense of connectivity as a working professional, reach out to your mentor!

Not only these but having a great mentor or coach will help you in career development as it provides adaptability, flexibility, – knowledge of professionalism, feedback, constructive guidance, and various more.

Work towards your Career with Jaro

Mentorship and coaching plays a great role in your career development. It is important to upskill your knowledge and skills in order to be more competent in your professional life. The notions of mentoring and coaching will provide you a fine edge towards your career development. All organizations should provide such learning opportunities to their employees. Further. If you are looking for some globally recognized and reasonable online – programs, and courses, you can check out the leading edtech pioneer, Jaro Education. There are online programs in diverse areas. To name some, there is Finance, Data science, strategy, management, and various more. You can check out all the courses here. The company has  its platform ‘Jaro Connect’ which provides opportunities for individuals to connect with other peers and expand their networking from anywhere and anytime.

If you are someone who is looking to learn promising skills, Jaro Education is the best place for you. And, don’t forget to thank your mentor or coach.

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