One of the fundamental asanas, tadasana, is done while standing. By holding this position, you stretch your lower body and strengthen your legs by boosting them. The asana is appropriate for new meditators or those who are unable to perform difficult poses. This pose is highly recommended for those in professions that require a lot of sitting down because it helps to improve posture by realigning the body and toning the muscles in the feet.

How to Do Tadasana ?

1. Take a comfortable posture, trying to keep your big toes joined, heels apart, and hands next to your waist.

2. Straighten your legs to tone the muscles in your thighs.

3. Raise your knees so that the area of your lower abdomen doesn’t become stiff.

4. Raise the heels in such a way that the ankle’s inner arch becomes straight. Consider that an energy wave is moving through the ankles and towards the head. It is necessary to shift all of the weight to the toes.

5. Turn your thighs inward so that the tops of your thighs are facing each other. Your tailbone needs to be pointing down. Position the pubic region close to the navel by lifting it.

6. Focus directly ahead.

7. Take a long, deep breath. You should raise your shoulders, chest, and arms.

8. While feeling the stretch, stay in this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

9. Practitioners at the intermediate or advanced level can further stretch their bodies by raising their arms above their heads while maintaining the aforementioned body alignment, interlocking their fingers, and helping to bring the interlocked hands forward so that the palms are facing the sky.

10. Holding your elbows with your hands behind your back while standing in the position mentioned above is another way to stretch your body. The left forehand must be topped by the right hand. After a brief period of holding, transfer your hands’ positions.

Tips for Beginners

1. At first, beginners might have trouble balancing their body with their upper thighs turned inward. Beginners can perform this pose by slightly altering where their feet are placed, keeping 3-5 inches between the big toes, in order to improve their balance. Once the balance is better, the distance between the feet can be shortened.

2. If you are suffering from low blood pressure or a headache, then please avoid this.

Benefits of Tadasana

1. eliminates back sluggishness

2. aids in straightening the arched back.

3. Firms the muscles in the hips and abdomen

4. Significantly strengthens the knees, thighs, and ankles

5. Controls the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems

6. makes the backbone more flexible.

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