Ruby Gemstone: Benefits, Who, and How to Wear it?

Ruby gemstone with its blood-red color is a charming stone that is best known for its astrological importance. The transparency, fineness, and deep red color with a hint of black as well as the shine of the ruby make it very beautiful.

In Vedic astrology, Ruby is associated with the astrological planet Sun which reaches the vibrant red color of Ruby. This stone with all its energy supplies a lot of benefits to the person wearing it, which is why it is a highly valued gemstone and one of the most costly gemstones.

Due to the physical healing effects, spiritual wisdom, emotional balance, and other matters of the stone, it is one of the most powerful stones in the world. That’s why Ruby is also called the “King of Gems“.

Let’s learn more about this sparkling magnificent ruby stone.

Benefits of the Ruby Gemstone

There are many benefits of the ruby gemstone since it is one of the most effective gemstones in the world.

  • It helps the wearer to increase confidence.
  • Protects the wearer from negative energies and controls like evil spirits, bad omens, etc.
  • Releases fear from the heart of the wearer and grant courage.
  • Helps manage the anger issues of the person wearing it.
  • It will bring you love and harmony. If you are a person looking for your partner, Ruby will help you attract your soulmate. And if you are married then this will increase marital happiness.
  • The benefits of Ruby gemstones also include bringing you luck, success, and abundance.
  • It helps you stay calm by reducing your stress and tension.
  • Providing strength to face obstacles, will help you achieve your desired goals.
  • It enhances your intuition powers and opens your basic senses making you more alert.
  • By increasing your energy levels, the ruby stone will help you overcome laziness.
  • Ruby will also help your blood circulation, strengthening your heart.
  • This will also help you get a better sleep pattern.

Who Should Wear the Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone is ruled by the Sun. Anyone who has negative effects of the Sun on his horoscope or horoscope should wear this gemstone to remove these inauspicious effects.

People born under Aries can also wear Ruby gemstones as it is compatible with their birth sign. Also, people born in July can wear this gemstone.

The energy or power of this gemstone is very high, hence before wearing a dynamic gemstone like Ruby, you should confer with a professional astrologer. It is important to check the usefulness of the gemstone with the astrological planetary positions in your birth chart or horoscope.

How to Wear the Ruby Gemstone? 

Before wearing Ruby gemstone, ask your astrologer about the size or weight of the gemstone that will be most beneficial for you. Also, ask them which metal you should wear ruby, you can wear it in copper or gold. Also, make sure you wear it as a pendant, ring, or bracelet.

Now after considering all these things and preparing your piece, invite the gemstone and then wear it.

To activate the Ruby gemstone, perform Vedic worship of the gemstone on an auspicious day. The best day and time to wear Ruby gemstone is Sunday morning time.

Wake up early in the morning and wear fresh clothes after taking a bath. Complete your daily puja, then take your ruby gemstone and purify it. For the purification of Ruby gemstone, you can use Panchamrit (a mixture of five things – milk, curd, sugar, honey, and ghee) or Gangajal. 

After purification, chant the mantra of Ruby gemstone given below 108 times and when you are chanting the mantra for the last time i.e. for the 108th time, pick up your gemstone and wear it.

“Om Hree Shum Suryaya Namah”

To Conclude 

The power of this gemstone can positively change the life of the wearer.

If you want positive changes in your life then you should wear Ruby gemstone and the energy of the gemstone will help you in achieving your desired goals. Buy your Ruby gemstone now, pure, certified, and lab-certified, from Rashi Ratan Bhagya, where you will get all cuts, sizes, and best quality loose gemstones at the most affordable prices.

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