Overview of Political Science Course

What precisely is political science? To provide readers with a thorough grasp of this intriguing field, we shall explore the meaning, background, features, significance, and main ideas of political science in this blog article. You will also learn that seeking admission to BA political science honours colleges in Gurgaon can be helpful.

What is Political Science?

The systematic study of public policies, political institutions, and governments is known as political science. It looks at the methods used to make choices, the division of power, and the effects of government acts on society. Political scientists examine political phenomena and create theoretical frameworks that can explain and forecast political behaviour using a variety of techniques, including statistical analysis, case studies, and comparative studies.

Political theory, public policy, and public administration are only a few of the many subjects covered by political science. To comprehend the intricate relationships between politics and society, it also makes use of concepts from other academic fields, like economics, sociology, psychology, and law. 

What are the Features of Political Science?

Political science differs from other academic disciplines with several distinctive characteristics. First, it addresses normative issues about justice, equality, and freedom. Second, it is a social science that mostly depends on quantitative data and qualitative analysis since it incorporates both analytical reasoning and empirical observation. Third, political science offers suggestions for enhancing political behaviors and institutions. Lastly, political science is an interdisciplinary field that uses a variety of viewpoints to clarify political concerns. 

Some other Features are-

Political science aids people in becoming informed citizens by enabling them to make judgements about their political views and involvement in public life. Citizens can participate more successfully in discussions and decision-making processes by critically examining political beliefs, institutions, and policies. 

Prospects for Careers: Possibilities for employment include government service, non-profit work, advocacy work, business, media, and academia. A degree in political science provides doors to all of these fields. 

Globalization: As the globe becomes more interconnected, solving issues like terrorism, climate change, and economic inequality requires an understanding of international relations and global politics.


These are some of the aspects you must know. Also, BA political science fees in reputed colleges are quite low compared to those of other colleges. Therefore, get your admission now.


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