Lightning Protection Safety; How To Keep Yourself And Your Family Safe!
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Lightning Protection Safety; How To Keep Yourself And Your Family Safe!

Lightning is a natural phenomenon! While thunder may be scary at times, one cannot help but marvel at the power of lightning. As fascinating as it is, one should never forget, even for a moment, the sheer power that lightning strikes and disperses. From high voltage of electricity to heat damage, there’s no saying what a lightning strike can do. Luckily, Lightning Protection and following a few simple rules can protect us and/or minimize damage in any situation.

The Problem – Unpredictability

Ever noticed that the weather app on your phone or even the weatherman/woman on TV can be completely wrong at times?

We have the latest technology! Also, we’re mapping every and following the clouds diligently. To add this, we’ve also spent years learning the way nature works. Yet we cannot predict when it’s going to rain. That’s because nature is utterly unpredictable. Lightning strikes? Only more erratic!

Lightning strikes are one of the most inexplicable natural phenomena. With our understanding of electricity, charged particles, and more, we can somewhat understand why lightning strikes happen but we’re still too far behind to guess when and where it might strike.

The Solution – Lightning Protection Systems!

This is why setting up Lightning Protection Systems in our homes is of utmost importance. The only way we can bypass this unpredictability and keep our homes safe. It is time to set up efficient protective systems in and around our properties. Moreover, with regular maintenance and upkeep, your home will be safe no matter how many surprise summer storms your city faces.

The Damage That A Lightning Strike Can Cause

An average lighting flash expends 300 million Volts and 30,000 Amps. It is almost one billion joules of energy. To put it into perspective, that’s how much electricity your home uses in a couple of months, give or take. There’s more to it than that!

Believe it or not, we lose approximately 2,000 people every year due to lightning strikes. Direct strikes are almost always heavy enough to end a person and indirect ones can cause severe injuries, life-threatening burns, or even handicap a person.

While you’re safe in your home or your office, Lightning Protection Systems can keep you safe. If you’re outside, there’s no saying what can happen!

Time To Buy New Appliances!

If your house is not protected with surge protection and Lightning Protection, it can cause enough of an electrical surge or spike that can simply destroy your electronics. If your beloved phone is charging during a strike, you can say goodbye to your phone and its charger.

Most home appliances are built to be safe from general surges that can happen, but not enough to handle a lightning strike.

A Fire Not Caused By Fire

Along with a billion Volts, lightning bolts are also a whopping 29,982.22 degrees Celsius! That is almost five times more than the heat of the sun’s surface. This with other factors involved can cause fires when lightning strikes.

Worldwide, lightning is also often the cause of wildfires. Moreover, when lightning strikes a home, the possibility of a fire is never negligible.

How To Predict An Approaching Lightning Strike

The easiest way to know if a lightning strike is coming towards you is by how loud the thunder is. Unfortunately, this is not as reliable. Instead, try to count the seconds between lightning and thunder. If you notice the timing is getting ever so shorter between the two, the lightning is highly likely coming your way. Then, you should look for a shelter immediately.

Trust Your Spidey Senses

You don’t need to be Spider-Man to feel the tingle. If lightning is about to strike you or near you, the air will be filled with static energy. Also, you will feel the tingling of it, and your hair (arms & legs) will stand on end. This means the lightning is far too close and you have only moments to get to safety.

What The Buzz Is All About?

Ever noticed that electricity has a distinct buzzing sound? If you’ve ever been a victim of even the mildest shock this might very well be the worst sound to your ears. Since lightning is full of electrical energy, it will create the same buzzing sound if there are highly conductive or metallic objects near you. At this point, the lightning is too close. Yet, the best bet you have is to look for a shelter that is NOT a tree or worse a metal fence. Avoid lying flat on the ground and instead, crouch or get low to limit the damage.

Safety Outside Of Your Property

It is time to face the truth that anywhere outside in the open is highly unsafe during thunderstorms. If you notice a thunderstorm brewing in your area, go home or to any safe shelter near you. Also, avoid standing under trees and instead look for a building with electricity and plumbing. Additionally, you can also shelter in your car as long as it has a metal top but be sure to draw up the windows!

Experts recommend sheltering safely for a minimum of 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder. Make sure your phone is not charging and avoid using any appliance connected to electricity.

If your home is protected with Lightning Protection Systems, all is well, if not you might want to turn off all your devices until the storm has passed. If you live in an area where lightning strikes are common, it is best to get a protection system and surge protection system in place.

Safety in Your Home!

Luckily, you’re already relatively safe in your home. For added safety, get Lightning Protection and make sure they’re tested yearly. Lightning protection will keep you, your family, your home, and all your appliances safe from lightning strikes.


Protect yourself and your family from unexpected summer storms with a lightning protection system in your home. Moreover, use a professional team like South West Lightning and make your home a safe space.

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