How to Search for Job Opportunities and applying Work Permits for Immigrants

Most of the skilled workers have their eyes set on permanent settlement here. Why Canada chooses to call them because of their skills. 

Because of their demand many skilled professionals apply for a Canada PR visa from India. Because that is what the nation presently needs. Many jobs in Canada are also being created because of the early age retirement from the workforce. 

Also, an aging population and a lack of skilled locals are some of the primary reasons behind this job boom. Even in the past, the inclusion of skilled professionals has enhanced the economic structure of Canada in many ways. 

Kind of Job Openings in Canada to look out for 

Much of the opportunities for jobs and their positions and postings are available across sectors of:


b) Skilled Trades

c) Engineering 

d) Business and Finance 

e) Education

f) Engineering 

g) Information Technology

If you belong to any of these fields, this is the right time to apply as Canada is seeking employment now, more than ever. Because of this 485, 000 immigrants have been targeted by the immigration levels of Canada’s plan in 2024. 

Getting a work permit in Canada is another way to be working here. Open work permit is much preferred, because of the provision of being able to work for any employer at any time. Another kind of work permit is employer-specific.

Many of those who choose to come on a work permit go ahead and apply for permanent residence. After, that their roads to citizenship open automatically. The eligibility for Canada PR demands work experience, and if it’s a Canadian one, you can gain extra points. 

Ways on How to Find Jobs in Canada from India 

1. Go to Canada Job Banks – This is where job postings are issued by the federal government of Canada. You will find the latest updates on which provinces have the jobs of your profession. Choose the resume you wish to send by directly applying to the Job Bank. 

All those employers from Canada who wish to apply for jobs can do so when they get a work permit which is supported by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment. 

2. Visit recruitment agencies –  Those who wish to work here, can visit agencies which are looking to recruit people. From general to specialized ones, there are all kinds of recruitment agencies for workers. 

Those which are special ones, belong to IT, Healthcare, Finance and Engineering. You can search online for such agencies and you will get a list of them. All you need to do is put in the right keywords for them. Something like “top recruitment agencies in Canada”. 

Industry-specific associations are also helpful in searching for recruitment agencies. You can even ask around to friends, family, or professional networks. Without networking how can you reach your desired job? So make sure you can network efficiently. 

3. Go directly to company websites – Finding a job can be much easier when you directly connect with the CEO of the company. If that can happen, then you get a direct job offer. Because many companies do not advertise their positions. 

You can directly get connected with them. You can even reach out to some of their existing employees who are already working there. You can also network with those who are already in Canada. Also, speaking to those people who have similar goals.

4. Have command of language – You should be able to speak fluently both in English and in French. You need to be able to analyze the job description in a detailed manner. If it is in Quebec you need to be able to speak in French while other provinces need you to speak another language.

If the employer is not satisfied with your language skills then can take a fluency test similar to Canada Express entry. This makes them feel confident about how confidently you can speak with your clients, and supervisors as well as clients. 

Immigrants can work on a permit 

Your work permit should be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Some of the types of work permits are:

a) Employer-specific work permit 

Many of those who apply for this kind of work permit need to have an LMIA from an employer. This speaks about how local labor is not available. 

b) Open work permit – This kind of work permit does not need you to have your LMIA. This kind of work permit is given to spouses of overseas workers, participants and refugee claimants. 


Wish to work in Canada? Start with applying for a work permit and then go ahead and apply for PR by getting eligibility points on the CRS calculator. That is how you get an ITA and move to Canada from work to PR visa.