Explore Collection of Bape Store in New York: From Clothing to Footwear

Looking for a brand whose collection is as stylish as you are? BAPE – A Bathing Ape is the best option to consider. The style, pattern, color contrast, and quality everything is so good that you can’t resist exploring the whole collection range. 

The brand covers everything from basketball shorts clothing to footwear like sneakers. So, why choose those ordinary clothes when you can rock with the best streetwear style? Let’s discuss the Bape store New York range of collections in detail!

Top Must-try Clothing Options

The list of options to explore is many therefore, we have highlighted the top choices for you to make your task more easy.

BAPE x The Fresh Prince Crewneck Sweatshirt Black

It’s a black sweatshirt with a round neck style and closed sleeves. The center of the product features a big pop of colors in a line pattern in a rounded shape where in the below “BY BATHING APE” is written below. The back of the sweatshirt is all black, reflecting the product’s simplicity and classiness.

BAPE x Mitchell & Ness Lakers Warm-Up Jacket Purple

The color combination (purple, white and yellow) of this jacket is something that makes it stand out uniquely from others. On the center in the tilt style, “ LAKERS” is written in yellow color and outlined in white color. 

The arms and the lower end of the BAPE x Mitchell & Ness Lakers Warm-Up Jacket Purple feature strips in the same color style. 

On the back side, the “BAPE” is written in big letters, and the print of chimpanzee ( logo) is printed. Overall, the entire product is a perfect example of a masterpiece.

BAPE Medicom Toy Half Camo Shark Bear Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt 

It’s a zipper hoodie with capping in an eye-catching style. The shark-like pattern is created— two eyes, ears and teeth are shown. One side of this unique print is in pure grey color whereas the other has a camo pattern.

To check the authenticity of your product, check for the tag on the arms and backside. In real products, you will for sure find a tag where the brand name, year and other essential information is printed. Looking for a similar pattern in other clothing styles? Don’t worry- we have! BAPE Honeycomb Camo Shark Sweatshorts, BAPE Metal Zip Big Shark Wide Crewneck Sweatshirt, and many more options are available.

Best Bape Sneakers of 2023 So Far

The brand not only has the finest clothing product range, but it also has a vast range of sneakers to explore. Let’s highlight the top options from highest to lowest price:

BAPE x Kaws Bapesta Low Gray Pre-Owned

The product is in whole grey color, and the stitching is done with one shade darker threat that makes the sneaker a really outstanding piece. This option is best if you are looking for such a collectible pre-owned product.

BAPE x Pharrell Williams Roadsta 

It is a pair available in purple and green combination. Costing approx. $599.00 USD, these are the must-have pair for every sneaker lover. The laces are green in color, whereas the soles are white and light purple shade, which complement each other very well. The brand name “BAPE” is written on the tongue to show the product’s authenticity.

Now, explore all the options of Bape’s best sneakers of 2023 so far and pick the one that matches your style. From 5 to 40, we have shoe sizes available for everyone.

Wrapping Up

For this guide, hopefully, now you have an estimate about the range of products available in the Bape Store in New York. Explore all the choices that you find the most attractive and shop according to your needs and preferences. If you order or buy in bulk or larger quality, the chances of getting a discount are higher.