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Embrace the Unisex Design of Converse Shoes

Converse boasts its unisex shoe designs all across its marketing channels. But, there is confusion among people that the brand only makes boys’ sneakers, and girls just find their desirable size to fit themselves in. But that was never the motive of Converse. The brand has always treated fashion with equal gender measures, for which every shoe is designed in a way it can go well with the outfits of both men and women.

This question of whether the Converse shoes are unisex has been in debate among fashionistas and sneakerheads. So, if even you have this question in mind, read along this article till the end to find a bit of clarity on how Converse’s shoes replicate the unisex design.

Does Converse Make Unisex Shoes?

To start with, let’s answer the most commonly asked question! Yes, all Converse shoes are unisex and are available in multiple sizes and styles. These shoes are designed in a way that can fit both men and women. You just have to choose your feet size and place your order for the favourable Converse shoes.

The brand has multiple size options in the chart, where the women’s feet dimensions are also considered on priority. And both men and women are equally responsible for making the Converse low-top, mid-top, and high-top sneakers popular.

Throughout the years in the past, Converse shoes were equally worn by both men and women. It encouraged the brand to add more colour options to its collections to meet the taste of women in shoes. Men often like canvas sneakers in black, white, or standard colours. But women have their preferences when it comes to fashion!

Are There Different Categories for Men’s and Women’s Converse Sneakers?

Apart from a large lot of unisex canvas sneakers, there are specific categories for men and women as well. It is to help people with respective preferences on whether they want to go with unisex designs or the ones that are made specifically for their gender. But often, the sub-category of shoes is the same in both men’s well as women’s sections.

There are unique options on men’s and women’s casual sneakers, or men’s and women’s high-top sneakers, beyond the unisex varieties. Irrespective of being categorized differently, the materials and construction style of these shoes are the same, which ensures durability and longevity for the products.

For instance, the leather sneakers men love can be found in the specific men’s category, whereas the women’s slip-on sneakers are in their respective category. But that doesn’t mean there’s no leather sneaker collection for women! There’s a specific leather design variation to meet the women’s fashion appeal. A1nd same goes for men’s slip-on sneakers.

Is there any Pricing, Comfort, or Quality Difference Between Converse Sneakers Made For Men and Women?

When it comes to the price of Converse sneakers for men and women, there’s not much price difference in terms of gender variation. The unisex designs are priced the same, irrespective of whether someone chooses the men’s or women-specific sizes or styles.

With the same pricing, the quality and comfort of the shoes aren’t at all compromised. The Converse shoe ranges are crafted with unique and comfortable materials to serve the dedicated purpose. For instance, the CX foam insole is used for the Converse CONS skateboarding shoe range, where every product is listed as unisex! Read more Social Media Marketing Course in Lahore

The pricing of Converse shoes vary immensely based on the styles you choose. Whether you go for a high top, mid top, low top, slip-on, classic or chunky sneakers, the prices are stated differently for them. In addition, the special Converse shoe ranges such as All-Star, One Star, CONS, Platform, and others have different price ranges too.


Converse shoes are popular for their stylish design and variation in terms of patterns. As the products evolved over time, the brand started emphasizing making its shoes more breathable and light in weight. And, depending on the preferences that came from both men and women, Converse kept on adding varying sizes to make its shoes ideal for anyone to wear. The men’s size for Converse shoes ranges from US 3-US 14, whereas for women, it ranges from US 5-US 17.

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