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Elevate your Cosmetic Brand with Custom Display Boxes

The cosmetics industry is very crowded and competitive. With retail shelves full of brands using custom boxes, small brands often go unnoticed, which isn’t ideal for them. This is where custom display boxes help them by moving them from the retail shelf straight to the front counter, improving their chances of getting noticed and making a sale. These boxes offer more than just visibility, and this article will detail why brands should invest in custom cosmetic display packaging.

Why Invest in Custom Display Packaging?

As stated, the cosmetic industry is highly competitive, and its buyers are very conscious of the brands they buy from. Cosmetic brands thrive on the perception that their items are better or of premium quality, and they spend a lot of money on marketing to establish this. A custom box is one way to develop the perception of quality, which is ideal for smaller brands that don’t have the budget to spend a large sum on marketing.

Custom display packaging not only improves the perception of cosmetic items on display, but also makes them more visible, helps market them to new buyers, and more. The following are the benefits that brands can avail of with custom cosmetic display boxes:

1-      It’s Tailored

The versatility of custom boxes is well-known, as they can be made in any shape or size. This customizability is the biggest selling point of these boxes, something that traditional packaging can’t offer. No matter how irregular the shape of the item is, the box can be tailored to its specs. Also, custom inserts can be added to the box to further improve presentation.

That is not the extent to which display boxes can be customized. The outer print and design of the packaging are just as customizable. Brands can blend color schemes and text to come up with a unique print that stands apart from the competition. These custom printed display boxes improve the chances of a cosmetic item to grab buyer attention and make a sale.

2-      Improves Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of custom packaging is its ability to make the brand more noticeable than the competition. These boxes have unique shapes and designs, with the brand logo blended into their print. It helps the box grab the buyer’s attention and make them consider buying the product.

However, cosmetic display boxes take this a step further. Aside from having all these qualities, the box is placed at the front counter, and any item on display has the advantage of being more noticeable than the one on the shelf. This helps brands get their items noticed in the retail market and boost their sales.

3-      Cost Effective Packaging

Cost is a major factor behind every decision a business makes. Brands want to lower their costs and boost their profit margins. To that effect, they sometimes skimp on packaging and use low-quality boxes. Since cosmetic items are sold on perception, this has a detrimental effect and further lowers sales. On the other hand, if they use overpriced boxes, it increases the cost of production and the retail price, which also lowers the chances of making a sale.

Cosmetic display boxes help brands use quality packaging without raising their costs. The box uses less material to make, which not only reduces the cost but also the waste generated while making it. But this is not the only way these boxes help businesses reduce their expenses. They don’t have to be thrown into the trash once they are empty, as they can be easily restocked with more cosmetic items. This means brands don’t have to make more display packaging as frequently, which lowers the cost.

While it might feel counter-intuitive, the cost of these boxes can be further lowered by buying them in bulk. Purchasing cosmetic display packaging wholesale allows the manufacturer to offer better prices, which increases the profit margins for brands.

4-      It’s Durable

Custom boxes are made with quality materials, which makes them durable. The quality of the material used makes all the difference, as a box made with low-quality material won’t be able to keep its shape and will collapse under the weight of the items on display.

A cosmetic display box is made with quality stuff, which gives it the strength to maintain its shape under the weight of the cosmetic items. This also allows it to protect the items from external factors like water and dust. In short, it provides better protection than traditional boxes.

5-      Silent Marketer

Given the competition in the retail market, it is vital for brands to market their cosmetic items. However, the marketing spend can get the budget out of hand, as it is often more than the actual cost of making the product, which makes it difficult for brands to keep a competitive retail price.

With custom display boxes, cosmetic brands don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing as the box does it for them. First of all, a display box is placed at the front counter and is the first thing a buyer will see as they enter the market. This increased visibility saves a business marketing cost as the box does it by grabbing the buyer’s attention.

Also, it is strategically placed close to the cash counter, where the customer is about to pay. It grabs the buyer’s attention at the right moment, and they don’t hesitate to spend a little extra. This placement of a display box is ideal for cosmetic items like lip balm or nail polish.

6-      It’s Sustainable

Sustainability has become a serious topic of discussion in the past few years as people become more aware of its impact. It has led to a shift in buyer habits as they move away from items that are unsustainable and harm the planet. Custom boxes can be made with recycled materials, which helps brands attract buyers and heal the earth. This is something they can proudly display on the print of the display box to let the customer know that the brand cares about what happens to the planet. Businesses can help the planet and boost sales at the same time with custom packaging.

7-      Increases Perceived Value

Perception is everything, and it’s even more true for cosmetic items. It doesn’t matter if the cosmetic is of the highest quality if the buyer’s perception of it is not good. This is where custom packaging helps cosmetic brands with its unique design and quality material. It gives the cosmetic a premium feel and makes the buyer think they are purchasing a premium product.


Custom boxes are the new standard of packaging, as their benefits are miles ahead of what traditional boxes can offer. Custom cosmetic display packaging is no different; it is cheap to make, improves the viability of cosmetic items in a retail market, is durable, and can help brands lower the cost of marketing. Packaging Mania is one of the leading box producers in the US and offers affordable prices for custom packaging for all your needs. Improve the chances of your product getting noticed by customers in the retail market using our custom boxes. Visit our website and get a quote for your ideal display packaging.