Post-Application Steps: What to Do After Submitting Your EDG Grant

There is no doubt that all companies doing business in Singapore are going through a lot of competition these days. All these business organizations have to follow certain rules if they want to run their business properly and keep them legally hassle-free. You may wonder if the authority or government helps in doing business well. 

One of the various effective measures is the EDG Grant Application. It is an authority that examines all types of business ventures based in Singapore and helps them decide whether they are good or bad. So let’s discuss this issue and know what should be the next steps for this application.

What is EDG Grant Singapore?

Let’s start our discussion by knowing the main content of EDG Grant. It is a functional body from which receiving applications means that the key to the success of your business is in your hands. 

With such applications you can motivate your business for economic growth and proper planning for the future. Moreover, the Enterprise Singapore EDG authority will help you take the right steps for the future by benchmarking how other successful businessmen are doing business today.

Preparing Essential Documents and Information – 

If you think you can make your small or medium-sized company more successful, you need to start preparing today. First, start thinking about what steps you can take to submit this application correctly. The first thing you need to do for this is to prepare the right documents and gather the information.

  1. Keep all your finance records assembled: This is your first duty if you want to get EDG Grant. If you have submitted this application, the first thing you will be checked is your financial statements. From this, the authority will understand how profitable your company is doing business.
  1. Keep the registration proof of your company near: Needless to say, this is a very important task. However, it is assumed that this authority already has the necessary information about your business, especially the registration information. However, we suggest that you keep these certificates handy as they may be asked for during any inspection.
  2. Keep all the papers regarding share holdings: If you are a sole proprietor of your business, you will have less of a problem with this. But if there is a business under multiple ownership then all the shareholders need to have proper documentation in that case. So keep the proper documents ready before the EDG Grant Application inspection.

Post-Approval Steps and Claiming Your EDG Grant?

We have already documented all the tasks you need to do before submitting the application. Now we will discuss all the steps you need to take after approval. Such works will help you to claim an EDG grant.

  1. Make sure that all the documents that prove the financial ability of your business are ready: In phase when the company is undergoing the process for approval then the authority may check the sustainability of the business potential. That’s why it isvery important to keep all the documents that can be enough to prove that your company has good potential in the future.
  1. Show that you are engaging qualified consultants and employees for the job: After obtaining the approval of Enterprise Singapore EDG your responsibility to the company is always increasing day by day. In this period you have to be sure that you are engaging only the people who can establish themselves as good consultants and employees. Keep all the documentation of all your employees and provided to the authority if needed.
  2. Prepare some project proposals for future: Quite often the visitors from the authority may ask for some demo of your project proposals. It will help them to determine if your company has the potential to bring new growth in it in future.That’s why it is important to ready some good project proposals that can be helpful in the post approval stage.

Leveraging EDG Grant for Strategic Growth –

There is no denying the fact that in Singapore EDG Grant is a dependable authority for all the business persons. After getting the approval from the authority you may have to show some strategic growth of your company. This will help them to understand the future growth planning of the business.

  1. Show the core capabilities of the company: It is very much important in the initial stage of the application and the final stage of obtaining the approval. This will help them if you are ready to accept the application or not.
  1. Show some innovative and productive ideas: The strategy of making some innovative and productive ideas will really be game changer in front of the visitors coming from EDG. This will strongly proof that you are ready to run with the future rate of success.
  2. Show the strategic plans for better market access:  There is no doubt that gripping the market is very important to make your business successful. That’s why you are strategic plan needs to be included with some market access ideas.


We have compiled different types of criteria that may be needed if you are undergoing the process of EDG grant in Singapore. It is very important to look all the points very carefully because this authority can really help you in the best way to obtain the best success in the future. Whatever the business field you are belonging to this application and approval workout for a better financial growth of your company.