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Dhikala Night Stay at Corbett Heaven provides a totally immersing experience in the woods of Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala, located in the center of the park, is known for its peaceful setting and exceptional wildlife experiences. As the sun sets and darkness falls over the forest, guests at Corbett Heaven begin on a trip into the world of creatures that sleep.

The adventure begins with an exciting safari into the deep forests, where tourists can see elusive wildlife like tigers, leopards, elephants, and numerous species of deer. As night sets, the Dhikala Forest Rest House transforms into a refuge of peace, surrounded by the sounds of the environment.

Under the starry sky, people come together around bonfires to tell stories and listen to nature’s wonderful sounds. Corbett Heaven’s Dhikala Night Stay offers basic yet comfortable accommodations that provide a true wilderness experience without sacrificing comfort.

After waking up to the symphony of birdsong, guests can explore the local region on foot or take another safari before leaving this magnificent paradise. Dhikala Night Stay at Corbett Heaven guarantees a unique vacation for both environment lovers and wildlife aficionados.

Dhikala is an important part of Jim Corbett National Park’s conservation efforts because it is located in the core zone. It provides a safe environment in which endangered and weak species can thrive and maintain their populations. Dhikala welcomes thousands of people each year who want to see the park’s natural beauty and wildlife. Its strategic location allows visitors to explore a variety of ecosystems, from deep forests to open grasslands, and participate in responsible ecotourism activities like as safaris and nature walks.

Dhikala Night Stay Packages

Dhikala zone is most valuable zone of the Corbett tiger reserve. And its have 4 type of guest house for the rest in night. Dhikala is large and very most attraction able zone of the Corbett tiger reserve. Consisting Ramganga riverside guest house, largest grassland, beautiful jungle, natural and large population of the elephant and very much more deers and mighty tigers.

Dhikala’s located in Jim Corbett National Park

Dhikala is strategically placed within the core area of Jim Corbett National Park, which is located in the Himalayan foothills in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the park’s most iconic and sought-after zones, thanks to its plentiful animals and stunning surroundings.

Accessibility alternatives for Dhikala

Road: Road is the most popular mode of transportation for reaching Dhikala. Visitors can arrive by private car or cab from adjacent places such as Ramnagar, which is around 30 kilometers distant. The travel from Ramnagar to Dhikala takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on road conditions.

Rail: Ramnagar Railway Station is the closest railway station to Jim Corbett National Park, and it is well connected to major towns such as Delhi, Lucknow, and Moradabad. Visitors from Ramnagar can reach Dhikala by cab or bus.

Air: The nearest airport to Jim Corbett National Park is Pantnagar Airport, which is roughly 80 kilometers distant. Pantnagar Airport is connected to Delhi and other major cities in India by regular flights. Visitors visiting Dhikala can take a cab or another mode of transportation from the airport.

Map: A map of Dhikala’s location within Jim Corbett National Park demonstrates its central location within the park limits. Dhikala, located near the Ramganga River, provides guests with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside as well as several possibilities to observe wildlife. Staying in Dhikala ensures an unforgettable experience surrounded by nature’s beauty and calm.


At Dhikala Night Stay, guests can pick from a range of lodging alternatives that integrate seamlessly with the natural surroundings:

Forest Lodges: Enjoy the attraction of staying in modest forest lodges nestled in the woods of Jim Corbett National Park.

Cottages: For those seeking a comfortable and hidden retreat, cottages are offered, providing comfort in a peaceful area.

Tents: Adventurers can choose tented accommodation for a more immersive outdoor experience.

The facilities at Dhikala Night Stay ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Bedding: All hotel options offer comfy bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep after a day of exploring.

Hot Water: Guests can use the hot water amenities to refresh themselves during their stay.

Energy Availability: Dhikala maintains a natural ambiance while providing energy for needed facilities.

Booking choices and processes for Corbett Heaven’s Dhikala Night Stay:

Online Booking: Guests can easily book their stay through Corbett Heaven’s official website or authorized booking partners.

Offline Booking: You can also book through approved agents or at Jim Corbett National Park’s welcome office.

Advance Booking: To secure preferred dates, make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Activities to do in Jim Corbett National park

Dhikala Night Stay offers a variety of activities for tourists to spend themselves in the natural beauties of Jim Corbett National Park:

Jungle Safari:

 Elephant Safari: Feel the thrill of exploring the bush on majestic elephants. Elephant safaris often run in the early morning or late afternoon, providing a unique perspective on wildlife viewing.

 Jeep Safari: Take a thrilling Jeep safari through Jim Corbett National Park’s lush forests. Jeep safaris are accessible at particular times in the morning and afternoon, allowing visitors to see the park’s various wildlife in their natural habitat.

Nature Walks: Guided by skilled naturalists, guests can explore the region’s abundant biodiversity. These excursions educate visitors about the park’s flora and fauna while also discovering picturesque pathways and hidden jewels.

Bird Watching: Dhikala is a bird watcher’s paradise, with a diversified avian population. Guests can participate in bird watching activities and see a range of species, including uncommon and migratory birds. Birds are most active in the early morning hours, making them perfect for bird watching.

Wildlife Spotting: Dhikala Night Stay provides possibilities to observe tigers, elephants, deer, and other intriguing creatures. Guests can embark on safari expeditions or explore the surrounds on foot and encounter Wildlife Spotting: Dhikala Night Stay provides possibilities to observe tigers, elephants, deer, and other intriguing creatures. Guests can go on safaris or explore the area on foot to see the park’s famed wildlife.

Photography: Capture the stunning beauty of Jim Corbett National Park with photographs. Dhikala offers a variety of photographic options, whether it’s for the breathtaking views, rich fauna, or intimate moments in nature. Tips for wildlife photography include utilizing telephoto lenses, being patient, and respecting the natural environment.

Guests at Dhikala Night Stay can personalize their experience by taking part in these activities, creating unique moments in the wildness of Jim Corbett National Park.

How to book Dhikala Night Stay (online, through an agency, or directly)

Guests can book a stay at Dhikala Night Stay through a variety of channels to ensure convenience.

Online Booking: Guests can book their Dhikala Night Stay directly through Jim Corbett National Park’s website or authorized booking platforms. Online booking offers a simple interface for picking accommodation alternatives, setting dates, and finishing the reservation procedure easily.

Authorized Agents: Guests can schedule their stay with approved brokers who specialize in organizing hotels and safari experiences at Jim Corbett National Park. These agents can offer specialized help and direction throughout the booking process.

Direct Booking: Guests can book their Dhikala Night Stay directly at the. Guests can schedule their stay with approved brokers who specialize in organizing hotels and safari experiences at Jim Corbett National Park. These agents can offer specialized help and direction throughout the booking process.

Reservation procedures for booking a Dhikala Night Stay

Select Accommodation: Guests can pick from a variety of housing alternatives, including woodland lodges, cottages, and tents, based on their interests and needs.

Specify Dates: Guests must specify their desired dates of stay, taking into account the availability of accommodation and safari slots. Guests must give personal information and contact information throughout the booking process in order to communicate and confirm their reservation.

Make Payment: Payment for the Dhikala Night Stay booking can be made online using secure payment channels or in accordance with the instructions supplied by authorized agents or the park reception.

Booking timings and availability

Booking times and availability for Dhikala Night Stay may vary depending on seasonality, demand, and accommodation availability.

 It is best to book appointments well in advance, especially during high seasons like weekends, holidays, and the winter months (November to February).

 To secure chosen dates, verify the availability of accommodation and safari slots online or confirm with authorized agencies.

By adhering to these booking processes and recommendations, guests can assure a seamless and stress-free reservation process for their Dhikala Night Stay.

Experience the magic of the woods with a Dhikala Night Stay at Jim Corbett National Park. Book your adventure online today to ensure your seat among the breathtaking scenery and unique species. Don’t miss out on this wonderful voyage through nature’s embrace. Reserve your Dhikala Night Stay today and make memories to last a lifetime!