Decoding the market with NinjaTrader order flow indicators

For active traders, understanding the relationship between buyers and sellers is important. Traditional indicators offer insights, but what if you could see the force behind price movements? This is where NinjaTrader order flow indicators come in. They offer a unique window into market dynamics. In this blog, we will explore two products that will help you in getting a better perspective on buying and selling. So, let’s continue reading this blog to get to know them better.

What are Order Flow Indicators?

Before exploring the products, let’s understand OFI better. These indicators bypass price charts and focus on the buying and selling activity. They visualize the volume of orders at different price levels. This feature reveals the potential areas of support and hidden buying or selling pressure.

Benefits of using these indicators

By incorporating NinjaTrader order flow indicators into your trading strategy, you can potentially:

  • Identify high probability zones

Volume profiles can reveal price levels where trading has been strong. This suggests potential support or resistance.

  • Spot hidden momentum

Footprint charts can help you identify situations where one side is absorbing orders at a specific price level.

  • Gauge market sentiment

Market Delta provides a quick view of buying and selling pressure. This allows you to react to shifts in the market.

The products

The good news is that NinjaTrader order flow comes equipped with a suite of two powerful indicators. These are:

Volume delta

This indicator beautifully plots the volume delta of each bar. It is the difference between the total buy & sell volume of a bar. It is used by successful professionals and can be used by any trading system. 

Here is what it does

  • It helps you filter volumes based on their sizes. This feature is important because you can track the footprints and know the behaviors of traders.
  • It offers three modes of volume for selection.
  • It functions based on both historical and real-time data.
  • This indicator lets you define four thresholds for strong and moderate volume data.
  • It triggers alerts on moderate positive and negative delta.

Cumulative delta

This is a powerful order flow indicator in NinjaTrader 8 that accumulates volume delta throughout the day. It combines price action and order flow to detect trends. Therefore, it facilitates your market readings.

Here is what it does

  • It plots cumulative data.
  • It plots the moving median of this delta.
  • It differentiates between both cumulative delta and moving median.
  • It offers three modes of volume base for selection.
  • It lets you define your favorite thresholds of strong positive and negative differences.
  • It lets you define your minimum and maximum volume.
  • It paints bars to highlight the periods when the market is strong.
  • It prints and triggers alerts when the trends change.

Wrapping up

So, are you ready to delve deeper into the world of trading? Explore NinjaTrader order flow to boost your trading strategy. If you are looking for a reliable company to purchase such tools, you can consider Their professional indicators have set benchmarks for the industry. They have excellent and affordable software that can boost your trading assets. Additionally, they offer several free software applications that you can use anytime for your trading solutions.