Complete Guide on Haptics on iPhone

The introduction of the iPhone 16 has brought a number of changes to the functioning of an iPhone as the device has recently added a Haptic keyboard. Now, you need to know that iOS 16 is not the first device to introduce a Haptic keyboard, Apple’s high design has provided people with the opportunity to use this technology in a better way. 

Since this is a new feature, there are many people who are not sure about this Haptics Keyboard and this is why in the article, we are going to tell you what are hapctis on iPhone and how it will make using the device easier for people. Get ready to know about this wonderful technology on your iPhone. 

What is the meaning of Haptic Feedback?

Haptic feedback, also known as Tactile feedback is an amazing technology which uses physical response to indicate a certain effect on your device. This usually uses a vibration pattern as most people are familiar with vibration on their mobile phones. 

However, when this feature is used on smartphones then, it is used for different other tasks. The feature was first used on a smartphone in 2008 however, the recent introduction of this amazing technology has revolutionised the gadget. There are around 22 different kinds of vibration that have been added to make user interaction better. 

What is the working of Haptic Feedback on iPhones?

Now that you know what is haptics on iPhone, it is also important to know the working of the feature on an iPhone. iPhone haptics are quite straightforward as the working of the feature is very simple. 

There is a small motor available in the body of the mobile phone which provides the vibration in your device and this vibration is controlled by software. The software permits users to turn on and off this feature depending on their preference. 

There is one particular thing that you need to know about this feature is the battery life of the device. Using haptic feedback requires battery life as the small motor available in the iPhone needs to operate and if this feature is working constantly then, you will see that the battery life of your iPhone will be shorter than average. 

This is the main reason why Apple has provided people with the opportunity to turn off haptics iPhone if they are not interested in using this feature. 

What is the main use of Haptics Technology?

The main reason why smartphone companies are including this feature in their mobile phones is for blind and partially sighted people as it will allow them to know the features of their device with the help of vibrations. 

Scientists in Greece are incorporating this feature on touchable maps for visually impaired people. Since, there are different types of vibration, visually impaired people will have a better chance of understanding all the features and workings of a Smartphone. 

We hope that the guide has made it easier for you to understand this amazing technology and its working in the new Apple model.