Comparing Electronic vs. Traditional Cupboard Locks: Pros and Cons

Should you be using a traditional cupboard lock or a digital wardrobe lock? This is a question that might be on many individuals’ minds. As of now, most individuals use a traditional lock versus a digital wardrobe lock. Digital and smart locks are fast gaining popularity. The major reason for this is the advanced security features that digital locks possess. The question is, which way should one go? This article covers the various pros and cons of traditional and smart locks.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Locks

An advantage of possessing a traditional lock today is that they are affordable. They are also easy to install, so much so that individuals can even install one on their own. Traditional locks are also durable, giving reliable service to individuals for many years on end. As a result, traditional locks are still the most commonly used type of lock for cabinets. The most common types of traditional locks are cam locks, padlocks, and deadbolts. 

Furthermore, traditional locks are available in all shapes and sizes. Individuals can even choose the type of material they want their lock to be made from. Traditional locks offer a vast range of options that allow individuals to choose the most suitable one. The most commonly associated disadvantage with traditional locks is their lack of advanced security features. Not only can they be easily forced open or picked, but also can be opened if someone manages to pilfer the key. Finally, unlock digital locks, there is no remote access feature, meaning that individuals must be physically present with the key to unlock the door.

Pros and Cons of Digital Cabinet Locks

A digital wardrobe lock ensures that access to wardrobe is prevented through a wide range of high-tech security options. These include biometric sensors, Bluetooth, and mobile access. Since digital locks ensure that only authorised people have access, it becomes very difficult for intruders to breach the lock. It is also difficult for intruders to hoodwink the security systems. Another benefit of a digital wardrobe lock is the convenience factor.

As far as the cost-factor is concerned, digital cabinet locks are on the higher-side compared to traditional locks. Also, installation generally warrants the presence of a professional installation team. Digital locks on battery, which means that they require more maintenance and monitoring than traditional locks. Finally, despite the heightened security measures provided by digital locks, they are not infallible. There is a chance that a digital lock may malfunction or become vulnerable, which compromises security.


Having a cupboard lock is a good idea in this day and age. It is common practice for many individuals to store their valuable items and data in their wardrobe. It is up to the individual to decide whether their needs warrant buying a digital wardrobe lock. Another aspect to consider is the budget since digital locks are more costly than traditional locks. Traditional locks are still the most commonly used type of cupboard lock. There is nothing wrong with buying one if your needs or financial situation demands. Your decision should be made based on your personal preferences and priorities.


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