Chennai to Delhi Flights: A Comprehensive Guide


Traveling from Chennai to Delhi, two of India’s most vibrant and bustling cities, is a common journey for both business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re traveling for work, visiting family, or exploring the rich history and culture of India’s capital, understanding the nuances of this flight route can enhance your travel experience. This guide provides an in-depth look into everything you need to know about flying from Chennai to Delhi.

Airlines Operating Chennai to Delhi Flights

Several airlines operate flights between Chennai International Airport (MAA) and Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). The major carriers include:

  • IndiGo: Known for its extensive network and punctuality, IndiGo offers numerous daily flights between Chennai and Delhi.
  • Air India: As the national carrier, Air India provides a blend of full-service flights with options for in-flight meals and extra baggage.
  • Vistara: This full-service airline offers a premium flying experience with added comfort and hospitality.
  • SpiceJet: Offering budget-friendly fares, SpiceJet is a popular choice among cost-conscious travelers.
  • GoAir (now Go First): Another low-cost carrier, Go First provides competitive pricing and reliable service.

Flight Duration and Frequency

The average flight duration from Chennai to Delhiis approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, this can vary slightly depending on weather conditions and air traffic. Multiple flights operate daily, ensuring that travelers have a wide range of options to choose from throughout the day.

Ticket Prices and Booking Tips

Ticket prices for Chennai to Delhi flights can vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Time of Booking: Booking well in advance can often secure lower fares. Last-minute bookings, especially during peak travel seasons, tend to be more expensive.
  • Travel Season: Prices are generally higher during peak seasons such as summer vacations, major festivals, and around public holidays.
  • Airline: Budget airlines like IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Go First typically offer lower fares compared to full-service carriers like Air India and Vistara.

To get the best deals:

  • Compare Prices: Use online travel aggregators to compare prices for cheap air ticket booking across different airlines.
  • Set Fare Alerts: Many travel websites offer fare alert services that notify you when prices drop.
  • Flexible Dates: If your travel dates are flexible, you can use fare comparison tools to find the cheapest days to fly.

Onboard Experience

The onboard experience can vary significantly between airlines. Budget carriers usually offer a no-frills experience, with meals and additional services available for purchase. Full-service airlines provide complimentary meals, in-flight entertainment, and more comfortable seating options.

Airport Information

Chennai International Airport (MAA):

  • Located approximately 21 kilometers from the city center.
  • Consists of two terminals: the Anna International Terminal and the Kamaraj Domestic Terminal.
  • Facilities include lounges, restaurants, duty-free shops, and free Wi-Fi.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL):

  • Located about 16 kilometers from the city center.
  • Comprises three terminals: Terminal 1 (for low-cost carriers), Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 (for international and full-service domestic flights).
  • Offers a wide range of amenities including lounges, shopping outlets, restaurants, and free Wi-Fi.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

  1. Check-in Online: Save time at the airport by checking in online and printing your boarding pass in advance.
  2. Arrive Early: Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure to account for security checks and potential delays.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on flight status updates through airline notifications or apps.
  4. Pack Smart: Be mindful of baggage allowances to avoid extra fees.


Flight from Chennai to Delhi is a convenient and popular travel route, serviced by numerous airlines offering various price points and amenities. By planning ahead and taking advantage of available resources, you can ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, understanding the intricacies of this route can help make your trip enjoyable and efficient.