Bulk Cat5E Riser Cable: Pure Copper or CCA Conductor – Choose Wisely

Whose conductivity is satisfactory? Copper or CCA? This title will explain which conductor offers premium signal integrity. Read this guide to learn about the cat5e riser cable’s best conductor. 

Pure Copper vs CCA! Which is the best conductor for Cat5e riser cable? Let’s discuss the major strengths and flaws of both conductors. First, the cat5e riser cable is a cost-effective choice for many network installers. The cable is simple yet provides a gigabit speed over shorter lengths. 

In this blog, you are going to learn about the cat5e riser copper cable and the detailed guide on CCA and Pure Copper Conductors. Let’s dive into some technical information regarding — bulk Cat5e riser cable. 

Difference Between Pure Copper and CCA

This clear difference between Pure Copper and CCA will allow you to understand the need for the best conductor. Below is a detailed comparison between Copper and CCA. Read to know the main differences. 

Main FeaturesPure CopperCCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum)
Conductor MaterialSolid core construction throughout the cable length30% Copper and 70% Aluminum. Copper is coated over aluminum
CostExpensiveLess expensive than copper
FlexibilityMore flexible and bendable with some limitFlexible but prone to brittle.
Signal StrengthSuperior signal transmissionHigher electrical resistance than copper poor signal transmission
Heat DissipationHigher heat dissipation conducts heat betterLess efficiency regarding the heat conducting — increasing conductor temperature
DurabilityHigh durable and has anti-corrosive propertiesIf exposed more susceptible to corrosion
Fire SafetyDue to the higher melting point, pure copper is safe from fire hazardsIf overheated may be prone to fire hazards
Fast Ethernet Performance (100 Mbps)Perfect for longer distances installationNot suitable for longer, signal fluctuation occurs
Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps) Performance RatingIdeal for shorter distances delivers gigabit speedCan be supported for shorter lengths to deliver gigabit speed
ApplicationsSuitable for PoE, A/V streaming, Not suitable for PoE but mainly supports fast ethernet applications

Some additional information about the cat5e riser cable is its conductors — CCA and Copper. You must know about factors like 

  • Cable Length
  • Signal Interference
  • Future Upgrades

For cable length, pure copper is the most desired conductor to support the fullest working potential and allow current to transfer more efficiently. Whereas, CCA is a little weak for performing. 

Signal Interference is the next unwanted phenomenon that may be called a signal killer. CCA causes frequent electrical noise. Whereas, pure copper offers better resistance to such interference. 

If you are expecting to upgrade your server speed to gigabit pure copper cable Cat5e riser bulk cable is an extremely right choice. 

Internal Anatomy Of Bulk Cat5e Riser Cable

The internal anatomy of the bulk cat5e riser cable depicts the twisted pair made of copper or CCA conductors. The twisted pair in a zigzag pattern reduced the entry of stray signals. The twist per inch in the twisted pair is 4-5 which shows deviating the outer signals to protect signal integrity. 

There is no spline present in the bulk cat5e riser cable but it has the ripcord which is a jacket slicer when you need to terminate the cable. The Cat5e riser cable 1000ft can be terminated with the RJ45 connector which means the cable is backward compatible with the older equipment. 

Speed – Bandwidth – Conductor Size

The bulk cat5e riser cable can be installed at shorter lengths. At this length, the cable delivers the gigabit speed (1 Gbps). Contrary to this length specs, the Cat5e riser cable is also used for longer lengths of 100 meters (328ft). At this length, the speed of the cable is 100 Mbps.

The cat5e riser cable shows an improved bandwidth of 350 MHz. This is the reason this cable is best for conducting your daily needs of browsing and sending files. The cat5e riser has a 24 AWG conductor size which is suitable for PoE applications. However, the cable will not work for PoE if the core conductor is CCA. 

The Cat5e riser 1000ft cable is exceptional for its high-speed ratings and the primary need for every server. If you are a newbie in networking technology choosing the pure copper Cat5e riser cable is best. Do you know what an ETL-listed ethernet cable is? It will be discussed after the Cat5e riser copper 1000ft applications. 

Applications For Cat5e Riser Cable

Cat5e riser cable can be used for some major fast ethernet (100 Mbps) applications as the pure copper conductor stabilizes the speed and performance. Some of the applications are 

Networking Infrastructure

  • Connecting Networking Devices — Routers, Switches, Access points, firewalls, Fax machines, and printers.
  • IP Camera Systems — For surveillance purposes enabling remote monitoring.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone Systems — Allowing voice calls to be transmitted to phones via the Internet. You can experience clear and uninterrupted audio communication. 

Building Automation Systems

  • Building Access Control — Cat5e riser cable can also be used for biometric locks to secure the building entry and exit for security purposes. 
  • Security Alarm Systems — Bulk cat5e riser cable is used to connect security sensors, and control panels with central monitoring devices. 
  • Building Automation Systems — Cat5e riser copper 1000ft cable is especially useful to provide automation by giving access to thermostats, control lighting on and off, fire alarms, and centralized monitoring. 

Other Applications

  • 100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet)
  • 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) 
  • Point-of-sale (POS) Systems
  • Audio/Video streaming
  • Gaming consoles
  • Office networking
  • Residential and commercial setups
  • PoE up to 15 watts

What Is ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories)?

ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) is a certification for twisted pair cables that ensures cable safety to be used in buildings and data centers. The manufacturers test their cable regarding the fire and electrical safety during installation. The two major benefits of Cat5e riser cable ETL listed are

  • Safety Testing
  • ETL Certification

ETL cables adhere that the cable meets the industry standards regarding fire safety and electrical safety hazards and this particular cable can be installed with peace of mind. 

Riser Applications – Riser Cabling

Riser (CMR) communication multipurpose riser is the acronym printed on the ethernet cables to identify the riser cables. The riser is an indoor jacket that is only designated for indoor installation needs, the chemical composition of the Riser is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) a fire-resistant jacket to avoid flame propagation. 

The riser cables are specifically designed for vertical spaces of the buildings. The jacket is not UV-resistant. It means if you need to install this cable outside you need a (Conduit) extra protective sheath. This sheath will protect the ethernet cable from harsh environments, rain, sunlight exposure, and other climatic changes. 

Final Words

Cat5e riser cable is needed for every server to acquire gigabit speed and performance simultaneously. If you are planning to upgrade to gigabit ethernet but restricted with budget. The bulk Cat5e riser cable is just a normal cable but with higher attributes like pure copper and a riser jacket. 

This blog covers small information regarding the cat5e riser copper 1000ft and you can also purchase ethernet cables online or at your nearby store.