A Comprehensive Guide On California Car Shipping

When you are planning to transport your car to or from California? You need to plan the shipment of your car before itself. Most of them think that they can transport it by themselves, but it’s not secure for California shipping, so you need a car shipping company. They will make the shipping process easy and safe. In this article, we will explore California shipping, and we will also provide valuable tips on how to save money. 

How Do You Ship A Car To Or From California?

When you are planning to transport your vehicle to or from California, you need to plan and hire a professional and experienced California car shipping company you can trust before you hand your vehicle over to them. 

When you hire an expert auto transport company, they will safely transport your vehicle to your address. They have different car shipping services, such as open, enclosed, etc. These are the popular and secure trailers for the shipment of your car.

Types Of California Car Shipping Services

Types Of California Car Shipping Services

Auto transport company offers various shipping services including open, enclosed, expedited, cross country shipping, door to door, terminal to terminal shipping, etc.

  • Open transport

Open transport is a safe and reliable shipping option, and it is the most common and popular type of transport. It is easy to arrange and offers smooth vehicle loading and unloading. Open transport is an efficient and cost-effective shipping option. When you choose open transport, your vehicles will be transported in an open-air trailer, and your vehicles will not be protected from weather and other external conditions.

  • Enclosed transport

Enclosed transport is the best and safest option for shipments of classic, sports, exotic, luxury, and other high-value cars. Your vehicle will be transported in an enclosed container or trailer, and enclosed transport protects your vehicle from most weather and road hazards, offering additional peace of mind when shipping your prized possession.

  • Cross country shipping

Cross-country car shipping is a convenient and efficient way to transport your vehicle across the country over short or long distances. When you choose cross-country shipping, your vehicle will be securely transported from one state to another, and when you hire an expert auto transport company to transport your car, you do not need to take the stress of driving it yourself. 

Shipping Cost Of The California Auto Transport

The average cost of shipping ranges from $500 to $1500 or more based on the type of vehicle you are shipping, the distance, and the trailer you have chosen. If you want to know the shipping cost, you can use the car shipping cost calculator. Several factors affect the shipping cost, including the shipping route, distance, size of the vehicle, locations, and the season that it is being shipped.

Factors Affecting The California Auto Transport

There are many factors that affect California car shipping. They are

  • Vehicle model, size, and weight.
  • Total shipping distance
  • Carrier or transport type
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Shipping route
  • Seasonal demands
  • Shipping time frame

How Long Does It Takes To Ship A Car To Or From California?

The time taken for the shipment depends on weather conditions, route traffic, etc. Here are some factors affecting the shipping time frame.

  • Transport type
  • Weather conditions
  • Route traffic and its location
  • Seasonal shipping demands

Note– Transit time does not include the pickup and delivery time.

California Auto Transport Process?

Transportation of vehicles to or from California is easy with these five steps. If you want to experience smooth California car shipping, then you should follow these steps.

  • Contact the auto transport company and submit the required details for the shipment, such as your contact details, vehicle details, and shipping date and time.
  • Get the auto-shipping quote and schedule the shipment.
  • Prepare your vehicle before the shipping day.
  • Get your vehicle picked up from your address.
  • Get your vehicle delivered to your delivery address amnd inspect it.

Money Saving Tips On California Shipping?

Everybody wants to save money and look for cheap auto transport services. Although this is only sometimes possible, we have shared a few tips and suggestions that will help you reduce your shipping costs.

  • The cheapest way to ship a car is to transport your vehicle during the off-season because there will be less demand for shipping in the market.
  • Choose open transport to ship your vehicles; open transport with terminal to terminal shipping will save your shipping cost.
  • Transport all your vehicles on one trip using open transport or multi-level trailers.
  • Book and schedule the shipment of your car in advance to avoid any extra charges.
  •  If you are eligible, ask for discounts on shipping services.

Car Preparation Tips For California Auto Transport

Car Preparation Tips For California Auto Transport

Before you transport your vehicle, there are many things you need to consider to prepare your car for car shipping service.

  • You must clean your vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. This will help you identify any pre-existing damage to your car.
  • You have to be sure that you have to remove any personal items inside your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle has alarms, disable car alarms and anti-theft devices inside the vehicle to prevent any disturbances during the shipment journey.
  • You have to remove toll tag transponders. Highway and bridge tolls might trigger your toll transponder and charge your account. You should remember to hide or remove the transponders from your vehicle.
  • Take Photos of your vehicle to prepare for shipping it to California. You must inspect it and complete the documentation before handing it over to the shipping driver.
  • Reduce the fuel level or gas tank to about 1/4 full. This will increase the vehicle’s weight and cost more.

How To Choose The Reliable Auto Transport Company?

When you are transporting your car, the most crucial point you need to consider is that you have to choose a reliable and professional auto shipping company.  When you look for a car transport company, your first consideration should be the safety of your vehicle, the quality of service, the reputation of the car shipping company, and their customer support before you make any decision. 

  • You have to do extensive research on the auto transport company and check whether it is registered and licensed.
  • You must look for transporters with a proven track record and positive customer reviews.
  • You must ensure the company or carrier is properly licensed and has insurance coverage.
  • You must check with the shipping services to see if they provide the specific services you require, such as open or enclosed transport.
  • Get shipping quotes from different car shipping companies, compare quotes, and consider the overall value, including customer support and reliability.
  • You should pay attention to the clients’ reviews and read reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge their satisfaction and experiences.

Tips For California Auto Transport

Professional auto transport companies have an experienced and skilled team, and they use special equipment for loading and unloading your vehicle to ensure it is delivered safely and on time. Here, we have shared a few important tips to help you enjoy the stress-free and hassle-free shipping process, and you will experience peace of mind.

  • You have to select a trustworthy and profession, experienced auto transport company.
  • If you are planning to transport your vehicle, here are a few points that you need to consider and want to keep in mind.
  • You have to book the car shipment as far ahead as possible because the you will get the best shipping trailer and the services and you will also get the more time to prepare your vehcile.
  • before you book the shipment you have to be ready with the documents and you have to determine that what type of trailer you need for the shipment.
  • You must prepare your vehicle before transportation to ensure its safety and transport it without any damage.


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