7 Best Payment Gateways For Your UAE eCommerce Websites for Startups
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7 Best Payment Gateways For Your UAE eCommerce Websites for Startups

In the past few years, e-commerce has exploded like a bomb. In 2020, online sales in the UAE hit a new high of $3.9 billion, making up 10% of all store sales in the UAE. Integrating safe and secure payment methods is a big reason for this rise, while the pandemic is another reason.

Both offline and online startups need ways to accept quick, safe payments that don’t require much interaction. It is now clear what eCommerce payment platforms do. Creatix9 UAE will discuss the seven best payment gateways for e-commerce websites for startups in this piece, focusing on the successful eCommerce website development Dubai marketBut foremost, let’s learn about payment gateways.

What Are payment gateways?

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A payment gateway is a software that facilitates the secure transfer of funds from a customer’s account to the merchant’s account during an online purchase. This process involves safely transmitting customer information to their bank, card services, and online store. Payment platforms designed for eCommerce websites ensure the utmost safety and can be used anytime for hassle-free transactions. People from all over the world can use them to pay for items or services. Also, this is why all current online shops have secure payment gateways into their websites and apps.

The Top 7 Payment Gateways in the UAE



PayTabs was started in 2014 and has an excellent method of making payments quickly and avoiding fraud. Thanks to its creative and flexible solutions, businesses can now accept payments safely. PayTabs is a well-known payment platform provider in the UAE because Visa and Mastercard agree with how safe it is.


  • Omnichannel payment solutions
  • simplified documentation and streamlined the onboarding process
  • Provides all the information on the merchant dashboard
  • Can handle payments from 360 degree-angle

PayTabs offers a simple price structure. You can choose from an enterprise plan, a growth plan, or a startup plan. Small businesses should use the startup plan with a fixed monthly fee. The growth plan helps boost sales and deliver outstanding value. The enterprise plan is for those businesses that want to expand their operations on a greater level.



Telr, a trendy payment gateway in the UAE, offers top-notch protection and real-time monitoring. Integrating Telr into your website is possible through five different methods. It supports multiple currencies and exists in over 100 countries.


  • Seamless and rapid payment processing for business growth and expansion
  • Availability of anti-fraud protection
  • Strong adaptability and responsiveness
  • Certified of PCI DSS Level 1

Telr has three price levels, so businesses at different stages can use it. Each of these stages has all of the above features. The first stage is the “startup” stage, which only needs a “startup” fee and is excellent for companies just starting. The SME stage, which is the second one, is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses. The third stage is SME Plus, which is suitable for bigger businesses.

Amazon Payment Services

Before Amazon bought it in 2020, it was called Payfort. But later, amazon changed its name to Amazon Payment Services. The tool is reliable, reduces the risks of transactions, and speeds up the money flow. This payment gateway in the UAE aims to meet the needs of different businesses and help you improve your relations with your customers.


  • Offers industry insights service
  • Let customers pay in installments.
  • Monitors business performance

Amazon Payment Services offers two plans: standard plans and customized plans. The standard plan has a fixed monthly fee for account management, but there is no fee to set it up. But customized plans are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual client, with pricing varying accordingly.



CCAvenue, based in India, is a well-known payment platform provider in the UAE. It is a good choice for businesses of all kinds because it has on-call support service 24 hours a day and fraud prevention.


• Smart, dynamic routing

• Omnichannel payment platform

• Easy integration and customization

• Multiple currency processing

The basic plan from CCAvenue is free to set up, and the upkeep fee depends on the client’s chosen plan. The pro-start-up plan is good for new and small businesses because there is no startup fee, and the upkeep and transaction fees are low. You can customize the privilege plan to fit your specific needs, and the charges will vary based on what you require.


Checkout is a highly regarded eCommerce payment gateway renowned for its ability to facilitate seamless transactions. With flexible plans tailored to suit various markets, Checkout ensures businesses a smooth and adaptable payment solution. It is a top payment method worldwide because it has a great user experience and is easy to set up. You can integrate it in many ways, like via Hosted Payment pages, API Integration, Plugin Integration, and Mobile SDKs.


  • Efficient management of risk and fraud
  • Multiple integration modes
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Performance monitoring

Checkout gives you a lot of ways to pay that you can change to fit the needs of your business. You can contact them through their website if you want more information.


Stripe is known for its innovative ways to guard against fraud, manage cash, and process payments. It lets you make the most money possible and works with more than 135 currencies.


  • Available in 135+ currencies
  • Supports increasing authorization rates
  • Various integration options

Stripe offers two pricing plans: Integrated and Customized. The Integrated plan has no setup or monthly fees, featuring a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. The Customized plan is tailored to larger businesses with advanced features and personalized pricing based on specific needs.


2Checkout, a reputable online payment provider established in 2006, has expanded its presence to over 200 countries. This robust platform empowers your business to grow and increase your revenue streams. It can handle payments in multiple currencies. 2Checkout offers a global payment solution for businesses seeking to expand their customer reach and optimize their monetization strategies.


  • Provide effective risk management and compliance measures for secure transactions
  • Seamless integration with nearly all eCommerce platforms, ensuring compatibility

From 2Checkout, you can choose from three different price levels: 2Sell, 2Subscribe, and 2Monetize. You can only pay for all three programs when sales start. The setup cost is slightly higher than other methods, but its many benefits compensate for it.


In the competitive landscape of eCommerce website development in Dubai, choosing the right payment gateway is essential so customers can pay quickly and safely. Startups in Dubai can use one of the top seven payment gateways listed above to meet their customers’ needs and interests while keeping their financial information safe.

These payment platforms offer a wide range of payment options, strong security measures, and easy-to-use interfaces to improve the whole eCommerce experience, whether selling to customers in your country or worldwide.

So call Creatix9 UAE’s top ecommerce web development services and embrace the power of these payment gateways to get the full potential of your eCommerce venture in Dubai. Besides, Creatix9 is also a digital marketing agency and thrives on providing the best possible SEO and PPC management services in Dubai. Contact them now.

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