6 Tips to Prevent Memory Card Corruption and Data Loss
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6 Tips to Prevent Memory Card Corruption and Data Loss

One of the most frequently used portable storage devices is a memory card. Memory cards are predominantly use to store important documents, raw image files, audio files and video files. Memory cards are extensively use in smartphones, tablets and even laptops when the user wants to increase the storage capacities of these devices.

However, just like other storage mediums, there could be instances where the data within a memory card can get corrupt. To prevent this from happening, one must remember the tips mentioned below.

Experts Recommend Formatting a new Memory Card right away Before Using it

A memory card data recovery expert associated with a revered agency advises that as soon as one buys a memory card, one must format the same right away. Sure new memory cards come formatted from the OEM but before one can use it, formatting the card again so that the card is free from residual files that may come in the way of its normal operations.

One must Format the Memory Card in the Device that will be Using the Card

Experts also point out that a user should format a memory card from the device that will be using the card. In this way, the memory card will be made compatible with the device that will be using the external storage device thus keeping instances of data loss and memory card corruption at bay.

It is best to keep some Empty Storage Space left in a Memory Card

One must never use the entire space available on the memory card. Leaving some space on the memory card ensures that the operational life of the same remains unaltered. At the same time, the user will never have to witness errors while accessing files on the memory card.

Experts Recommend Safely Ejecting a Memory Card from a Device

Damaged memory card recovery experts also recommend users refrain from removing a memory card from a device without selecting the ‘safely eject’ option. If a memory card is being remove without selecting the ‘safely eject’ option then the device will still be accessing the memory card when it is being remove. If this is the normal way a user remove a memory card from their device then the chances of data loss and corrupting the memory card get really high!

Storage Conditions also Play a Vital Role in the Overall Health of a Memory Card

According to the professional opinion of a veteran data recovery specialist, one of the best ways to keep a memory card from getting corrupt and subsequently keep the data store in it safe from getting lost is to ensure that the memory card is store in a cool and dry location. Excessive heat and ambient moisture can reduce the operational life of a memory card by many folds.

One must always use External Card Readers that are made by Revered Brands

Often, one has to use a card reader to access data from a memory card when there are no available devices with an empty slot. If such a situation arises then users need to make sure that the external card readers they are using are made by a reputed brand. If that is not the case then an external card reader made by an unknown brand could be the reason why one lost their data or lost the normal functionalities of their expensive high-capacity memory card. For the best results, one must ensure that the external card reader they are using is made by the same brand that made the memory card.


One must also remember that whenever they are encountering errors while accessing, saving or copying data from a memory card they must stop all actions as soon as possible to prevent permanent data loss. If the issues persist then it is best to contact a data recovery expert associated with a revered firm right away!

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